Personal hygiene that we sometimes overlook


Personal hygiene is something we have been taught as kids. But as we grow up, we tend to neglect certain ‘must dos’. If you are one of those who can go a day without brushing, then I clearly don’t want to say anything to you, but if you skip the occasional dental floss just because you are busy, then here are some reminders of how important cleanliness is:

Washing hands


Washing hands is one habit that we learn early in life and must continue. Before and after meals, after visiting the toilet, after touching a pet, before and after touching an open cut or sore are some of the obvious cleanliness habits we must practice. If you haven’t been washing hands on such instances, then it imperative that you do.

Washing the body


It is especially important to keep your body clean at all times. Water has an essential role in keeping our bodies clean, and for those out there that can go a day without bathing just because of their strong perfumes and scents, you must understand that cleanliness isn’t all about smelling pleasant. Cleanliness also includes removing impurities from your body that would otherwise facilitate the growth of bacteria.

Cleaning your mouth


Habits like brushing your teeth, flossing, washing your mouth after a meal are of utmost importance. Healthy teeth and gums are supremely significant as they help in chewing food properly and breaking it down to help digestion. You can keep your teeth and mouth healthy and clean by following a good regimen of brushing, flossing and washing. Try never to ignore any of the three.

Keeping your nails clean


Some people have the most unhygienic nails. They take care of their body with concern but when it comes to trimming, filing and cleansing their nails, they overlook it. Dirt gets trapped into your nails and harmful bacteria can grow in there. Clean your nails often to protect against this. Understand that you continuously touch your skin and others as well.

Sometimes the simple things in life become the most difficult because we don’t make it a practice. Let these hygiene habits never slip out of your daily routine.

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