Pick The Best Red For Your Skin


With the festive season on, everybody is going trendy with their get ups. And that includes outfit, hair, shoes and makeup, especially the lips! Bold lips are totally in trend right now and everybody is sporting them these days. But hang on a minute; you can’t just borrow your mom or sister’s red lipstick and think that it looks good on you. We all have different skin tone and different complexions; so chances are, that a shade of lipstick which looks attractive on your mom/sister is not the right one for you. Picking the perfect shade of red lipstick to compliment your skin tone is more important than you might think. Swipe a shade that’s too bright and you’l look like a clown. Use one with a bluer undertone and you may be mistaken for a corpse. But in order to avoid that, I’m here to lay down the law on which red to pick for different skin tones.

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Picking the right red lipstick for your complexion is the most important step

Picking the right red lipstick for your complexion is the most important step

For fair skin:

Most fair people seem to assume they can carry off any shade of lipstick. Well, not unless you’re on the runway. When it comes to makeup and playing with colours, there are rules that must be followed. And the golden lipstick rule for people with a fair complexion is bright colours. When I say bright I don’t mean deep hues of any colour whatsoever. When I say a bright colour it means lipsticks in coral shades, or one that’s red or pink with a hint of orange in it, something that’s warm and not very overpowering.

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For wheatish, olive, medium or bronze skin:

If you belong to this category, I am jealous of you. Why? Because almost all colours would suit your complexion! You can go as crazy with colours as you want, because with your skin tone, rules turn flexible. Pick deep reds or bright ones, cranberry red, pink-based red almost any shade of red would do with your skin. Lucky you!

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With this guide you'll find it easier to pick the best red lipstick for your skin

With this guide, you’ll find it easier to pick the best red lipstick for your skin

For dark, chocolate brown skin:

If you have a dark complexion, listen close, blue undertones work best for you. Darker skin tones have a natural blue or purple undertone to their skin and that’s why shades that contain a bluish or purplish undertone work best for them. Cool shades like blue-based reds or fig shade or a maroonish red would be ideal for your lips. But stay away from anything bright and warm; it will make your face look harsh.

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Note: Bear in mind that all skin shades aren’t similar. So there is a possibility that you may find a coral shade looking weird on your fair skin. That’s probably because you have a cooler undertone. When experimenting with colours it’s important to take a good look at your undertones and pigmentation or discolouration if any. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your perfect red! Until next time…

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