Pick toys that will influence your child’s growth


No one is trained to not wet beds or suck thumbs at the age of 40. It all begins when we are infants; to ask why and how, to finish a full bowl of Cerelac, to be generous, to imitate, to respond to emotions and everything else that we do. It is believed that we learn things faster when we are babies.

There are many games and activities that help a child acquire various skills. These aids in the capacity to reason out and ask questions. If you are a new parent and are unaware of how to develop skills in your child, here’s our help. We have listed the skills that are important for a baby. This will help you to make the right choice of buying appropriate toys.

Thinking skills

Little girl play with building bricks in preschool

It allows children to understand things and process information. They learn by imitating people around them. When you are making a smiling face at babies, they tend to imitate you and smile back. This is because they learn to respond with a smile by imitating you. Cognitive development allows your kid to develop the capacity for logical reasoning. Games like brick building allow children to understand how they can join suitable bricks appropriately. In this way, their reasoning capacity increases.

Social competence

It lets your child build up the ability to show empathy, express feelings and generosity. You can develop these skills by pretend playing with them. Most mothers love playing this game with their infants. They pretend to cry and their kid immediately moves forward to wipe her tears. Sweet, isn’t it? Also, it is observed that fathers engage in these kinds of games too. They play by giving the vehicle keys to their child. Though initially the toddler looks at the keys intensely, when asked, s/he returns it back. This goes for chocolates as well. These kinds of games initiate the sense of generosity among children.



Imagination increases the capacity to entertain ideas beyond reality. It leads to multiple thought processes, and this has to be instilled in your child’s mind at young age itself. By reading stories and pretend playing you can initiate the imaginative competence. You can also indulge your kid in construction and board games. When you recite stories, they imagine the characters according to their convenience. In this way, their imaginative world widens.

Physical skills


You can teach physical activities to your toddler for his muscle strength. It is important to keep your child physically active to develop a sense of coordination. Push and pull toys, action toys and stacking and building toys will help them to initiate the muscle power.

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