Places Indians Can Visit Without A Visa


No Visa- No Problem!

We all dream of travelling the world either as a profession or for our passion. Travelling works like a therapy aka magic! Going away to spend a few days away from the country is something we all could do every month, or at least once in a year considering the amount of money we spend on food.

Now, all you need to visit these countries is a passport! Yes, the Indian passport is enough for you to visit these countries without a visa. How amazing is that!

Hong Kong


From Disneyland to amazing food, the shopper’s paradise Hong Kong has it all! Hong Kong allows you to stay in the country for 14 days without a visa. Long enough for you to explore the place!



The one go-to destination for all the newlyweds! Maldives is also the perfect honeymoon destination for those who are already dreaming about their marriage! The good thing is, you don’t need to delay your plans to visit this beautiful place just because you don’t have a visa. Maldives allows you to explore the country by providing a visa on arrival valid for 30 days!

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This Arab country is home to almost 10,000 Indians working in the textile sector alone! Jordan provides visa on arrival for Indian nationals. Now you can go on and float in the Dead Sea without worrying about a visa.

Cook Islands


The blue lagoons and the gorgeous scenery is enough for you to pick the Cook Islands as a holiday destination! They provide with a visa on arrival only if you don’t intend on staying there for more than 31 days.

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This beautiful place has the sun and the sand; what else do you need for an ideal vacation? Besides, Mauritius provides a visa on arrival with validity up to 60 days! All you need is an Indian passport and a return ticket.



Forget about having a visa to visit Nepal, you can visit this country even without a passport! The Embassy of Nepal states that you can visit the country with just any identity proof issued by the government! Can you feel the love coming from our neighbors? ‘Coz I sure can!

Nepal is well known for its treks and temples located on the banks of Bagmati river. It is that one holiday destination you gotta put on your bucket list if you haven’t already!

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Another neighboring country you can visit without a visa! With amazing scenery en route to this beautifully green country, get amazed by the view of Himalayan ranges. You can take a quick flight to the country or you can hit the road solo or with your travel buddies. What’re you waiting for? The Land of Happiness awaits your arrival!

The British Virgin Islands


You don’t need a prior visa to visit any of the British Virgin Islands if you’re an Indian. They’re located in the Caribbean and provide an amazing yachting experience.

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Do let us know of your next vacay destination! ;)

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