Planning for a successful future


Many of us live in the present, with little or no plans for the future. However, as many claim to go as the tide takes them, they are soon lost in the ocean of struggle and settle for mediocrity. One thing I have learnt in my life is to have a plan, to plan out my work and then work out my plan. Here’s how you can plan a successful future and work towards your plan.

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Find a secluded place to think about your future

Find a secluded place to think about your future

Make some alone time for yourself. Go to a secluded, lonely place and think undisturbed. Think about what your life is now and where you’d want to be. Think about what you like doing and what would get you the money to go through life. Make a rational decision about what to set as a goal in your life.

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Write down your goal

Write down your mission statement

Write down your mission statement

Once you have contemplated and found out what your goal is, it is time to write it down. It is time to plan out your work… on paper! Write down your aspirations for the future. You can call this your mission statement if you are serious about it.

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Revisit this mission statement every time you feel discouraged

You have to remind yourself of what you are chasing every time you lose motivation. It is quite necessary to understand that you are going to face struggles in your life and the best way to overcome them is by picturing the outcome you desire.

Live in the moment but keep the future prominent as well

Enjoy the present as you prepare for the future

Enjoy the present as you prepare for the future

While you live to fulfil your mission statement, make sure you do not neglect the moment. Enjoy your time and do not stress about not being able to enjoy your life. You decide what you have to do, but make sure you have your goals in mind in whatever you do.

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Life can get seriously monotonous if you do not have a goal in mind. It is just like a ladder, the more time you spend on a step the more bored and frustrated you’ll get. The more you move upward, the more exciting life gets! So enjoy life, but move upwards, with a goal in mind, soon enough you’ll be on top of that ladder!

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