Planning To Perm Your Hair? Check Out Its Types First!


Most women around me have naturally wavy or curly hair, and it makes me so jealous! Before you judge me, hear me out! When you have fine, thin and limp hair like mine, you’ll know what it feels like to struggle everyday trying various different hairstyles that may give a little bit of body and volume to my straight, fine tresses. Even the best outfit and makeup seems washed down because of my ‘plain’ hair. *Sob sob* If you are a ‘curly-locks’, thank the Lord for blessing you with beautiful hair! And if you don’t, well, I have good news for you, sisters! Perming or permanent hair curling is an easy way out to get some volume in your crowning glory and it also helps avoid sitting with the curling iron for hours every morning.

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If you’re planning to perm your hair, here are the different types of curls you can get. Go for one, as per your preference!

Multi Texture Perm:

Multi textured perm

Multi texture perm

With perming, sometimes you could end up looking too uniform and unnatural. If that worries you (although it shouldn’t!) multi textured perms is just the right thing for you! Multi-textured curls are created using different types and sizes of rods so that you have different types of ringlets – soft in some places and slightly tighter in other sections of your hair. This looks more natural and adds definition to your face.

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Root Perm:

Root perm

Root perm

A great option for people with short and thin hair, is to get a root perm. A root perm adds volume to just the roots of your hair giving it height, texture and body. This type of perm is relatively better than others when it comes to minimal chemical damage.

Gentle Waves:

Gentle loose waves

Gentle loose waves

A gentle wavy perm will give you soft and natural-looking wavy hair that’s perfect for any occasion. It’s created with large rollers that add volume to your mane without making it look artificial.

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Partial Perm:

Partial perm

Partial perm

Best suited for medium to long hair, a partial perm curls only the ends of your hair leaving the top and mid-sections of your hair natural to create a smooth texture that flows into sexy curly-locks. A very manageable perm style, indeed!

Modern Stacked Perm:

Stacked perm

Stacked perm

A modern style stacked perm works for women with all-one-length hair. It suits hair of all types, faces of all types, this is the best perm style today. It consists of curling the mid-to-end section of your hair giving the illusion of layers. So you don’t have to cut your hair in layers and you still get the volume and texture! Win-win!

Spot Perm:

Spot perm

Spot perm

If you want to transform your look and image instantly, then spot perm your hair. A spot perm means focusing on a particular section of hair to create various types of looks. You could add lift to your hair roots by spot-perming the hair at the top of your head, or you could even choose to curl only the midsection or ends of your hair for loose curls.

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Spiral Curls:

Spiral curls

Spiral curls

A spiral perm is created using long perm rods and the end result is extremely tight, well-defined ringlets. The curls are bouncy and best suited for long to medium hair. After getting spiral curls, your hair will look like tightly wound spring or corkscrews. How tight your hair curls and for how long it stays so depends upon the size of the perm rod and the chemicals used to set the bonds in place.

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Pin Curls:

Pin curls

Pin curls on short and long hair

Pin curls are very retro, 1920s Hollywood style curls that are created using (as you would have guessed) pins! You can control the size of the ringlet that you want and it’s a perfect solution for women with limp, lank, and dull-looking hair. You get soft, bouncy red-carpet worthy curls with a lot of movement.

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Body Perm:

Body wave hair

Body wave hair

A body perm creates loose cascading waves that help give added volume and body to your hair. Perfect for very thin, fine and sleek hair, the curls are larger and softer. If you have sharp facial features or a bony face, then go for this perm as it will soften your features and bring life to your overall look.

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