Power Dressing Tips For Women


When we think of iconic women, they’re often stylish people who ooze out power and oomph while retaining their femininity. Whether it’s Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Beyonce or Kate Moss, these women define power, style and sex appeal. If any one of us had to emulate these women in power dressing, we would just not know how or where to start. But not to worry, ladies! With these dressing tips for women, you’ll be headed in the right direction.

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Dress in the present:

Power dressing shouldn’t make you look like a 1970’s retrograde. There are many different ways to dress like a woman of power which do not need to rely upon shoulder pads and ill-fitted suits. Present day power dressing is all about confidence and style meets comfort and charm. Forget the pinstriped suit, and pick a well-fitted, colour-blocked blazer instead. Pair it with a pair of cigarette pants and a crisp feminine shirt with a deep neckline and you’re sure to exude power and confidence.

Dress for your figure:

A well fitted blazer can flatter your body in many ways, know your body type and dress accordingly

A well fitted blazer can flatter your body in many ways; know your body type and dress accordingly

Women can easily use their figure to their advantage while power dressing. No, I don’t mean plunging necklines and skirts that end just where the buttocks do. Just take a good look at yourself in the mirror and notice your best assets. Accentuate them by wearing the right type of clothes. Get your clothes tailored if required, but wearing a pair of pants that don’t fit you well will ruin the point of power dressing.

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Pick luxe fabrics:

At times, choosing a luxurious fabric for your clothes helps a lot when it comes to dressing with power. Fabrics like silk and cashmere are perfect power dress staples. A bit of splurge will go a long way in making you look and feel like a diva.

Keep your personality in mind:

Colour block your outfit as per your comfort and statement

Colour block your outfit as per your comfort and style

When power dressing, you must reflect the personality and mood that defines you. If you’re feeling colourful, experiment with brighter shades according to your comfort level. While black, white and grey are pretty much the standard corporate dress code, break free of it and add your own touch to dressing up for work.

Add a touch of femininity:

Let your outfit speak for you, dress feminine

Let your outfit speak for you, dress feminine

You do not have to give up on your femininity while power dressing. Forget the standard shirt and pants, pick knee-length dresses in various colours and prints, or a pair of high waist pants and midriff top that only shows 1 or 2 inches of your midriff, provided it is permissible at your workplace. Accessorise with jewellery and you’re already making a fashion statement.

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Be comfortable:

Remember not to go overboard when power dressing, you do not want to transform into someone else. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Especially something that will exude confidence and sophistication. Someone has righty stated about power dressing – “It’s all about owning your outfit and your look.”

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