Are You Really Prepared For The Interview Day?


Feel intimidated? Yes. Foggy-brained? Yes.  Uncertain? Yes. Well, interview days are always dreadful and  no matter what, you are never fully prepared for that final minute when the interview starts.

Although we are sure you have done everything in order to nail that job interview, we give you some last minute handy tips to ease the tension on the interview day.

Do Your Homework Well

For The Interview Day

Now this may sound clichéd but ‘know who you are talking to’. Take this as a rule. Know everything about prospective employer. It would be sinful to sit there blank-faced if asked about the clients they manage or the locations they work at. The employer wants to see that you are seriously interested in their firm and know the fundamentals about them.

Keep Essentials Ready

the Interview Day

In a frenzy of anxiety, we forget that we need extra copies of photographs, or the PPT on a USB drive, or that you are asked to carry updated hard copies of your CV, portfolio, etc. We leave this for the final day and in our state of nervousness tend to miss out on these. Better to keep these in your bag a day or 2 before the interview day when you are more sane than panicked.

Check The Location To Travel

the Interview Day

Guys, you have to admit this. It is only after you board the cab you realize you do not have the complete address. St. Aloysius Street and was it 3rd lane or the 4th lane? The Peninsula Towers or the Trinity Towers, which one was it? And there, all hell’s let loose with you instructing the driver plus cursing yourself under your breath. So make it a point to have the directions saved on your phone well ahead of time. Also, have the office number handy just in case, you need to call to ask for a landmark. Do not call the HR official to confirm details. You do not want to make that kind of a first impression.

Be Before Time, If Not On Time

Mark your calendar beforehand. If you have to travel a long distance, make sure you leave home accordingly. It is shameful, if not sinful to reach late. Worse yet, is to keep the interviewers waiting. Also, if you have multiple interviews scheduled for the same day, have a break of couple of hours between each of them. But never run late.

Last But Not Least, Keep Basics In Check

For The Interview Day

Looking presentable? Check. Hair organized? Check. No food stuck between teeth? Check. Wearing a smile? Check. Fresh breath? Check. Cell phone is on silent? Check. The basics always help you go a long distance, because remember this – the first impression is the lasting impression and you do not want to ruin that. This is your career we are talking about and be every bit prepared.

Finally, we wish you all the best and hope that with these handy tips you do crack that interview. Good luck!

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