Pros and cons of bleaching your skin with drugstore products


There are instances when we have absolutely no time to rush to the salon and get waxed and threaded. At such times, the only quick solution that comes to our rescue is bleaching. Bleaching facial hair with drugstore products like skin bleaching creams is very common in today’s times and people as young as 15-year-olds are resorting to it. A skin bleaching cream reduces the visibility of scars or marks on the skin and lightens the hair pigment to a light shade of blonde.

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Cream bleaches are easily available at any drugstore

Cream bleaches are easily available at any drugstore

Although it is easy to apply, relatively cheaper than most other treatments and can be used at home, there are a lot of risks involved in the usage of the product. A common skin bleaching cream is easily available at any drugstore or general store and all you need to do is apply it on the area you want to lighten and leave it on for a matter of minutes. Then wash it off with cool water to reveal glowing brightened skin.

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Pros of skin bleaching creams:

The best thing about these skin bleaching creams is that they are extremely simple to use. The time needed for the process is less than 5 minutes so that makes it highly preferred in these busy times. There is no pain involved in the process as you don’t remove the hair follicle and only bleach the top layer of superficial hair. Large areas can be bleached at one go so that’s an advantage for people who want to save time and money.


Bleaching creams are endorsed by popular actresses in India

Bleaching creams are endorsed by popular actresses in India

Cons of skin bleaching creams:

Even though skin bleaching creams lightens the skin and hair, it may still be noticeable in bright light. You may feel a tingling sensation which is normal but if it starts burning or hurting a lot, then it indicates that you are allergic to the product and you must immediately wash it off with cool water. Do not trust these creams to bleach and disguise long and thick hair, these creams work only on fine hair on the face and arms. Also bleaching hair on tanned skin or darker skin will only make it more noticeable in contrast to the background skin complexion. The creams also contain certain chemicals like arsenic and hydrogen peroxide, which could be harmful in the long run. Prolonged usage of skin bleaching agents can cause acne, stretch marks, and in rare cases increase the risk of skin cancer.

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So now that you know the darker truth from the whiter lies, be extra careful when bleaching your skin. While once in a month or two is fine, do not use skin bleaching agents regularly lest you’ll be more prone to hazardous consequences.

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