Pros and Cons of Homeopathy


Homeopathy is the Greek for “similar suffering”. It provides a unique form of cure that is completely different from other medicinal remedies, like Allopathy and Ayurveda. While Ayurveda follows a natural herbal remedy, Allopathy involves the usage of different chemical compositions to combat illnesses. While Allopathy attempts to cure a runny nose by drying it up, Homeopathy assists in driving out the mucous till the nose has been cleared. Therefore, on a lighter note, if Allopathy can be considered to be a hard-core rebel, Homeopathy follows the moderate path and conforms to the current situation but yet successfully manages to cure, albeit subtly.

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Homeopathic medicine is economical and not addictive

Homeopathic medicine is economical and not addictive

However, there are several debates and differences of opinion relating to its prescription and dosage. While some are of the opinion that homeopaths do not need any expertise to prescribe medicines on the basis of composition and remedy differentiation. All that is required is to hand over a bottle with the name of the illness or disease written on it. Thus, it is very easy to prescribe and makes it possible even for a layman to pick up a bottle of medicine off the shelf for his cure all by himself. However, on the other hand, some others believe that it is not as easy as it is made out to be. Also, some consider it to provide quick cure, others are of the opinion that it entails a long process of cure and requires oodles of time and patience. Here are the pros and cons of Homeopathy:

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Some of the advantages that all believers of Homeopathy agree on are:

  • It does not suppress the immune system and is a holistic treatment as it does not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • They are based on natural ingredients and, therefore, are the most suitable for the human body.
  • It is highly diluted to reduce the extent of toxicity which ensures that they do not have any side-effects. Thus, they are extremely safe to be administered to children as well as pregnant and lactating women.
  • They are economical and not addictive.
  • It can be administered in conjunction with other types of treatment.
  • It boosts the natural healing powers of the body and assists in fighting the disease naturally, without suppressing the pain.

What’s more, you get to play with sugar-coated granules by rolling them on your tongue! The best part is that these are sweet somethings that are not out of bounds for a diabetic. You can treat them as an alternative to lozenges when you have none with you then but desperately need to satiate your sweet cravings ASAP and treat it as a mood lifter. Whoa, so much goodness in such tiny-winy globules!

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  • Though there may be several homeopathic practitioners, there are very few who are masters in this field.
  • Often, it follows the trial-and-error method and different permutations and combinations to zero in on the one that is the most suitable for the unique requirements of each patient. There are mostly no definite solution to a particular illness.
  • The right treatment may not be readily available at every Homeopathic pharmacy.
  • It is often found to be ineffective for chronic illnesses for which Allopathic is a better option for cure.
  • It often does not provide a permanent cure to an illness and does not usually have a solution if the illness reoccurs.

Homeopathy is very effective for some and fits them to the T, while for others it may not be as helpful. So, you need to try it out once to know whether it suits you. It definitely is worth a try.

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