Pull Off the Pant Suit Look


How to Pull Off the Pant Suit Look Like a boss

Forget the executive stiffness that comes up when thinking of suits. They have been entirely redone in new hues, fabrics and lengths! This two-piece pant suit has been the latest trend in town. I am jealous of the celebrities owning the bossy look, are you? I can’t think of a better time to not only try out the look, but to nail it like a pro. Ready to suit up? Check out these four basic tips to strengthen your Pant-suit game.

1. The Right Hairstyle

To get the clean look, go for a simple, sleek and minimalistic hairstyle when wearing a pant suit. Not only does it highlight your features, but also gives an edge to your look!

Selena Gomez pant suit

2. Detailing

Paying attention to even the smallest of details will help you achieve a look that’s cohesive and well-put together. Sometimes, all you really need to tie your whole outfit together is one little detail like an accessory, a styling trick or maybe even just your hair and makeup look. Incorporate feminine details like delicate lace, leather trim, jeweled embellishments, or sequined collars into your look. You can also turn up the sex appeal like actress Blake Lively by leaving your shirt at home for a daring, low-cut style that’s sure to turn heads in all the right ways.

Heidi Klum rocks the pant suit look

3.  Keep it Simple!

You don’t need high-fashion and runway ready architecture tops when power dressing but it sure would be nice to have a little bit of shape and structure on the pieces instead of going for loose and flowy designs. Shapes and structures incorporated in your look would give your outfit more of that sleek look. Because the jumpsuit is such a statement piece, you want to keep the rest of the look simple. If you add a layer over it, make sure it’s a classic shape like a denim jacket or leather moto jacket.

Kareena Kapoor wears a pant suit

4. Add Colour

Bold souls and color-lovers rejoice: One of the simplest ways to stand out is by wearing a stylish suit in a bright hue or pastel shades.

Victoria Justice and Sonam Kapoor nail the pant suit look



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