Quick And Easy Recipe To Make Your Very Own Strawberry Jam


No need to spend so many bucks on buying the monthly bottle of processed jam from the supermarket that contains hordes of preservatives and artificial additives. Making jam is extremely easy once you’ve decided which fruit you want to eat. What’s more, your jam will taste better and will be healthier if made with natural and organic products. So hoping that you’re convinced about making your own jam, here’s the easiest recipe of delicious strawberry jam that is as yummy as it looks!

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Give it a try!

This delicious strawberry jam is really simple and easy-to-make

This delicious strawberry jam is really simple and easy-to-make


900 gms fresh strawberries hulled

800 gms caster sugar

Juice of one lemon


Method: Simply mash the strawberries up in a large bowl along with the lemon juice. Blend this in a food processor until pureed. You could leave some clumps and it would taste equally good. In a deep saucepan, add the pureed strawberries along with the sugar and bring to a boil stirring continuously. Once the jam starts to look glossy, transfer to a hot sterile jar making sure not to fill it up to the brim.

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Your amazingly delicious, soft, spreadable jam is ready! Spread it on toast or add a dollop of it in your porridge, just a spoon of this jam is enough to turn any breakfast from boring to exciting!

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