Quick Makeup Tricks That No Makeup Artist Will Tell You


Any makeup enthusiast would want to know more about tips and tricks to get the perfect look. And frankly speaking, there are innumerable tips out there for anyone who wants to look prettier using makeup. But not all makeup tips are fool-proof, and that’s the reason why sometimes we don’t get the same look that Makeup Artists (MUAs) can give us. But guess what, here are some quick tricks that no MUA will tell you; but you can really thank us for it!

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Using is a primer is the golden rule of wearing makeup

Using a primer is the golden rule of wearing makeup

Prime your skin: Most of us are so much in a hurry that we miss a very important step that could make us look flawless. Priming the skin. I cannot stress the importance of using a primer after moisturizing your face (and before applying foundation). This is what will make your skin look and feel flawless as it will keep your makeup where it’s supposed to be for a long time. Plus primer also tightens your pores and evens out your skin (yes!); so it’s such a blessing in a tube ;)

Set your makeup: After you’ve applied your foundation you need to set it. Now I know most people use powder to set their makeup, but this trick is simply amazing! All you need to do is set your foundation with some setting spray and buff it in with a stippling brush. You’ll get these at any good makeup store (or you may also use a face mist). However, if you’re more comfortable with powder, dab a tiny little bit of it on your T-zone and you’re done.

Using a makeup  setting spray will make your makeup last longer

Using a makeup setting spray will make your makeup last longer

Don’t go heavy under the eyes: Most people think that if they wear many layers of makeup they can easily hide the dark circles around their eyes. This is INCORRECT! If you really want to accentuate your eyes and hide the darkness underneath it, then you need to keep it minimal. Only apply a concealer and powder it; and DON’T go over it with foundation. Applying too much product will result in creasing and cracking of the makeup; and you don’t want us to tell you how unattractive that will look!

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Mascara trick: Everybody has tried using a business card and/or a spoon over their lid to avoid getting mascara on their eye makeup. But here’s an Oscar-worthy trick that I would love to share! Usually mascara that gets clumpy has more chances of sticking to your lids. So before you apply it, immerse the bottom 1/3rd of your mascara tube or bottle in a mug of hot water (not boiling hot of course). Let the mascara get all hot, thin and runny and then when you use it on your lashes, voila! Fluttery, long lashes that would make even Snow White jealous!

Oily skin can make your makeup crease withing an hour of applying it; use blot powder to avoid that

Oily skin can make your makeup crease within an hour of applying it; use blot powder to avoid that

Avoid makeup from creasing: This happens to everyone after an hour or two of wearing makeup. Your makeup can start to get too cakey and it may even cause crease lines to appear around your mouth, eyes and on your forehead. This happens if you have oily skin, or if you have been wearing makeup for many hours, which means sweat and grime make you look cakey. You’d think using powder is the best bet. Sure enough it is, but not on a face full of dirt and grime! If you use powder over your sweaty, oily face, you risk ruining your makeup and you’ll also contaminate your powder. So the best solution is to use a blotting paper or a dry, soft face tissue and dab it all over the place where it seems oily. The tissue will collect all the oil and dirt and then you can use your powder to go over it. Ta-da flawless skin!

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