Quick Ways To Declutter Your Closet


If you wake up in the morning and waste time searching your entire closet for that particular red jacket and can’t find it, it is a wake-up call to declutter your closet. Being messy is a never-ending trouble; therefore, it is always advisable to keep only necessary things in your wardrobe. Always remember: your closet can accumulate only your clothes; not your ancestors’ and theirs.

The only solution to clean the mess is to declutter your closet. But, many people fear that it will be a time-consuming process and end up procrastinating. Choose a weekend to do all the cleaning. It may require an hour or two; but you will realise that it was worth the effort when, later on, you’ll save yourself the trouble and time of searching your favourite outfit.

So, here are a few quick steps that will help you save time and declutter all the mess.

1.      Get the dump bags

Get three big plastic bags from your attic. Name each bag as ‘Keep’, ‘Toss’ and ‘Maybe’ respectively. This is the first step to initiate the process.

2.      Pull out your rack

One-by-one, take out the clothes from your wardrobe and decide which bag it has to go into. ‘Keep’ pile is for the outfits that you like wearing frequently; your favourite ones jump into this bag. The clothes that do not fit you and has any sort of damage will go into the ‘Toss’ pile; this includes clothes that have not been in use since the last six months. If you have tough time deciding on a dress, chuck it in the ‘Maybe’ pile.

3.      Organize your wardrobe

Now that you have segregated your clothes, divide the space in your wardrobe according to the kind of outfits you possess. Keep one section of your closet for western outfits and the other for ethnic wear. When you are arranging the clothes, leave some head space; do not stuff them to the extent of hitting the top. Do not fill an entire rack; it gives a clumsy look. Leave the racks half-filled.

4.      Arrange your closet

Now, it is time to re-arrange your wardrobe. Every outfit that is in the ‘Keep’ pile will go inside your closet for regular use. Take out one outfit at a time and fold it neatly; if it is crushed, iron it. Neatly place the folded clothes in your wardrobe. Do not fill an entire rack; leave some space between rows. Filling up all the space will make it look stuffed.

5.      Deal with the other bags

Seal the other two piles and keep them in the attic. If you end up wearing clothes from the ‘Maybe’ pile, there are chances for you to wear them again. In that case, the desired outfit can own its place in your wardrobe, while the pile goes back to the attic.

6.      Final disposal

There are many people deprived of food and clothes; the least we can do is provide them with clothes that don’t fit us or we wouldn’t want to wear anymore. Also, accommodating bags in the attic will eventually end up cluttering. Are you aware of the famous saying, ‘A joy that’s shared is a joy made double’? By giving away your unwanted clothes from the ‘Toss’ pile, you double your joy – the joy of sharing, and the joy of having an empty attic.

Once you are done, take a deep breath and feel proud of yourself for completing the “biggest task”. Reward yourself with a relaxed Sunday.



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