Quirky Ways To A Slimmer You…


Skimming health magazines, visiting various clinics and tough working out sessions, these are old school methods that make you slimmer.

Why not try something that is easier, healthier and does not disturb your ‘food satisfaction quotient’.

Food Capturing

A study states that capturing stuff in your mobile or camera sometimes gives you equivalent pleasure as you would feel on owning it or having it. Hence, we come up with the innovative idea of capturing or photographing the kind of food you like to eat. Eyes can devour better than your taste buds sometimes. Become a person who is in love with food porn, click food, edit it and make it look even more sumptuous. Trust me it is a treat to the eye!

Waist Ribbons

Gone are the days when women fell for Tummy Tuckers and Slimming Belts. Obese or “Extra Chubby” women make use of the waist ribbons that keeps them conscious about their stomach and help them make it easy to carry it off like every normal figured individual. In the razzmatazz of a party, no eye should gaze at your innocent tummy bump… the waist ribbon not only aids in reducing waist line but also helps women get back in shape post pregnancy.

Waist beads

Waist beads or ribbons can ring an alarm when your waist expands!

The Vanilla Essence

Sweet Tooth proves to be the biggest enemy most of the time. Fulfil your most irresistible desire by sniffing vanilla. It is said to be one of the most turning on smells and tempting at the same time. How you’d wish your nostrils forever linger with some tantalizing and soothing fragrance of something – it’s Vanilla! Bathe with it, adorn yourself with fragranced jewellery, burn Vanilla candles around you or seldom pamper yourself with a bowl full of Vanilla ice-cream. Believe me, you will feel out of this world, residing in your own Hansel and Gretel house!

Dinner with the Mirror

It is said that watching yourself hog, makes you utterly conscious and you don’t want to stuff food into you anymore! Make sure that this activity is done when you are eating solo at your home. Grab the amount of your food and sit in front of a mirror in minimal or even no clothes and eat. Sooner or later your diet will become of that of a normal person. It is proven by researchers that this helps in controlling diet. This doesn’t make you drink only soup or gulp fruits for dinner, but optimizes your intake.

The Spice Rule

You add spice to your daily life then why not food? Spices help you get rid of that awkward flab. A tablespoon of green or red chillies, not only increase your metabolic rate but is therapeutic too. Be it capsicum, jalapenos, pepper, bell peppers – help in weight reduction by burning more calories and portraying more confident. It also is a powerful antioxidant and saves you from hogging more and more food.

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