5 Must-Try 5-Minute Rainy Day Hairstyles


We women are a bit, actually much more than a bit, fussy about our hair. We don’t like it when people touch our hair and mess it up. We dread going to the hair dresser for fear of getting a bad haircut. We love to jazz up our hair in hair-clips, hair-bands and rubber-bands. We also have ‘bad hair days’ which can totally leave us in a bad mood, and spend a considerable amount of money on hair products. We do this because we absolutely and positively love our hair. We all know that rains have a knack for ruining our hair by either making it too frizzy or too oily or by just getting it wet. The best way to maintain your lovely hair this monsoon is to try out these simple rainy day hairstyles as opposed to just leaving them loose. The hairstyles we have for you are very easy to do, and take only 5 minutes or less. Let’s begin!

Top Knot

There are many ways to do a top knot; we feel this is the easiest one.

rainy day hairstyles

Pull your hair up as if you are going to tie a high pony tail. Keep twisting your hair till it starts to coil in a bunch. Now wrap it around in a circular shape, and tie it up with a rubber band. Stick in some bobby pins if you have thicker hair.

Braided Bang Ponytail

This one is simple addition to a classic ponytail.

rainy day hairstyles

Take the front portion of your hair or your bangs and braid them towards the side of your head, starting from the crown. Secure this with one bobby pin or a fancy clip of your choice. Tie up the rest of your hair into a simple ponytail.

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Braided Bun

The braided bun is simple to create and looks so cute!

rainy day hairstyles

Tie your hair into a simple back ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Braid the pony and twist it so that it begins to coil. Take the coiled braid and wrap it around itself to form a bun. Tie this up with another rubber band. Add bobby pins if necessary. You can also use a bow to add a bit more of cuteness to the look.

Two Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for work as well as date and can be perfected with ease.

rainy day hairstyles

Take a section of your hair on the right side of your face and braid it halfway going backwards. Secure this with bobby pins. Now, Take a section of your hair from the left side of your face and braid it halfway going backwards. Secure this with bobby pins. Gather up the remaining hair to a medium height to the back-centre of your head. Remove the bobby pins and include the braid-ends in the gathered hair, and tie it all up with a rubber band to form this beautiful do.

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Knot Ponytail

This is super-duper easy to do, and can actually be done within a minute!

rainy day hairstyles

Comb your hair through and divide it into two equal sections on one side of your face. Now tie a knot using the sections. Tie another knot. Secure the knots you just made with a rubber-band. Ta da!

So, ditch the plain and boring ponytail and try these quick-to-create rainy day hairstyles to save time in the morning, and also to save your hair from the mess rains can cause to loose hair.


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