Ready for a baby? Think again


From your financial situation to your social life, you need to get a grip on all the forefronts in your life. You may think you are ready, but consider these realms of your life before you can be rest assured you’re prepared.

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Are you ready for your baby

Are you ready for your baby

Are you financially ready?

Are you financially ready for a baby

Are you financially ready for a baby

Will you be capable of providing for a whole new person? Or even two? Considering how much even a basic education costs today, it’s not fair to have a child when you’re busy blowing up all your money. Live on love and fresh air is the most stupid statement I’ve heard in today’s money hungry world.

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Are you emotionally ready?

Most people have babies because of family pressure. This is just immature. Once you have married someone, it is necessary to keep parents out of inner family discussions with your spouse as they are your immediate family now. You need to be in a place where you and your partner have contemplated and discussed, questioned and answered the parenthood state. If you both are on the same wavelength, then it is time. You will be emotionally ready once you have made the decision yourself.

Are you professionally ready?

Will you be able to handle your professional life

Will you be able to handle your professional life

Most couples today are what I’d like to call ‘weekend couples’. They don’t have time for each other because they are so busy with their professional careers. If you do not have time for your spouse, what makes you think you’ll have time to deal with your child? Evaluate your professional life to see if you are in a position to welcome a child and give him/her the time, love and care needed.

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Are you ready relationship wise?

Most people believe that having a child will iron out the differences in a couple. Well, if that’s the case then it shouldn’t even be thought about. Unless you are a strong unit as husband and wife, you are risking ruin of the life of your child, you and your spouse as well.

Consider these realms intensely before stepping into something like this. The more you ignore such important issues, the more detrimental having a child is going to be to your relationship.

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