Reasons for weight gain that is not your fault


If you or a loved one is struggling to lose weight or putting on weight at an alarming rate, it is imperative that you do a check up. Usually, there are some medical reasons this happens. In this article we will look at some medical reasons why you put on weight, or can’t get rid of it.


reasons for weight gain- Hypothyroidism

Reasons for weight gain- Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland secretes hormones that control metabolism. If your thyroid gland doesn’t secrete enough of these hormones, that is, if you have hypothyroidism, you can gain weight at an alarming rate.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD) is a leading reason for female infertility. Doctors claim it is caused by increased insulin levels. This condition, if left untreated can cause obesity.

Cushing’s syndrome

The body normally uses a hormone called cortisol for all sorts of good stuff, including helping break down insulin; regulating the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats; and helping the body respond to stress. If you get too much cortisol for too long, it can cause severe fluctuations in your weight. Cushing’s syndrome affects the upper body including the neck, shoulder and back.

Lack of sleep

The lesser sleep you get, the more your weight gain odds are. Sleep deprivation appears to result in decreased leptin, a hormone considered to regulate appetite and metabolism, and increased ghrelin, a hormone that likely stimulates appetite.

Stress and depression

Stress and anxiety can lead to elevated cortisol levels. This is the same hormone that is related to the Cushing’s syndrome.

Certain medications

Certain diabetic, blood pressure, anti depressants and migraine medications can cause weight gain. Steroids cause weight gain as well.

Family history

reasons for weight gain

Family history can be the reason for your weight loss problems

Your family history and gene pool greatly affect your weight gaining tendency. If your family has a history of obesity than the likelihood of you being obese is high. However, this is not infallible and if you take proper steps to keep yourself healthy, you can stay away from obesity.


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