Reasons Why A Guy Loves It When You Orgasm


Foreplay is fun, but there’s nothing like the climax, be it for the man or the woman. When you and your man indulge in love making do you enjoy the climax as much as he does? Do you moan and groan and keep on asking for more? If you do, it leaves him much more satisfied on other levels other than just sexual. So ladies, here’s why a guy loves it when you orgasm.

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The feeling of accomplishment  

An orgasmmakes him feel like a champion

An orgasm makes him feel like a champion

Just like in any other thing that he does, men love to feel like a winner. What better way to feel like a winner than to give his woman an orgasm. He craves that sense of achievement in bed and when it does happen, he feels like a champion!

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The feeling of closeness

Orgasms flood the brain with the hormone, oxytocin. It makes you feel more connected with your partner and both of you having the orgasm will make him feel all the more close to you.

Turns him on

Just the feeling of you losing control turns him on. You curling your toes, biting your lips and arching your back makes him feel turned on more than any other ‘sexy’.

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Your voice

Your voice turns him on

Your voice turns him on

When you moan at the time of an orgasm, it will make your man happy as ever. The feeling that comes with the fact that he has actually brought you ultimate sexual pleasure will make him feel over the moon and your voice is like an ‘it feels awesome’.

You’re surely having a good time

When you have an orgasm, he at least knows that you are having a good time in bed along with him. Most men feel like they are the only ones enjoying so much in bed and will strive to make their woman enjoy as much as them by giving her an orgasm.

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All in all, the big ‘O’ is a perfect finish to a sexual encounter.

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