Reasons why women fancy charming men


When asked about what kind of a boyfriend she expects, Sheela, 24 said, “I want a guy who has a good sense of humour”.

Not just Sheela, there are many other women who fancy naughty and charming men. “Of course, good looks matter too. But, I would prioritise a man who can make me laugh. I mean, how long can I live with a man who has nothing but good looks? But, if he is a combination of the two, then lucky me”, adds Sheela.

Well, if you are wondering what makes these charming men so popular among women, read the below mentioned qualities that they possess.

Their unpredictable nature


Usually, men who are naughty like to surprise their woman with good gifts. And women like these men because they fancy such kind of gestures. Moreover, who wouldn’t like to enjoy the present without worrying about the future? These men are totally unpredictable each and every time.

They are interesting


Women easily get attracted to men who can crack frequent and situational jokes. Would you mind dating a person with a good sense of humour? Things are never boring with charming men as they find different ways of keeping a woman happily engaged.

They know what to say and what not to


They know the psyche of a woman and talk in such a way that she feels sexy. This boosts her confidence level and such a man is considered to be very endearing.

They always grab attention


With their good sense of humour and pleasant charm, they can easily attract a room full of people. Being with a man who is popular is what many women desire. Women are always attracted to witty, funny and smart guys.

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