Reasons why you’re being taken for granted


Do you feel like you are being taken for granted in many situations you come across each day? Sometimes, we may feel less important when this happens; but there is clearly an underlying reason to being taken for granted – you don’t value yourself! You may be assertive in your personal life and the things that you do, but you may realize other people in your life do not appreciate you or your effort. Here are some reasons why:

You do not know how to say no

You may find it difficult to say no to someone. You may find yourself undertaking more and more commitments and feel uncomfortable to just say a plain ‘no’. But the truth is that your inability to refuse will make others take your sacrifices for granted and sometimes even hate it when you do not deliver.

You may be too sweet

Never be a people pleaser. Learn the art of being reasonable. Weigh out motives and intentions before taking decisions to help others and do not keep an easily cajoled aura about yourself.

You don’t believe in yourself

It’s clear that you do not believe that you are worthy of a relationship, be it with a friend or a lover. You may perceive the other to be perfect and try to go out of your way to please him/her. This leads to dissatisfaction and an unhealthy friendship.

You give way more than what you get back

Sometimes you tend to stack favour upon favour not realizing that you get little or no favour in return, let alone appreciation. At times like this it becomes apparent that you are not in a healthy relationship and must do more to earn respect or bear the consequences of being taken for granted.

You may be feeling left out at times

You may be feeling left out at times

It’s your say, really. Some people are comfortable playing second fiddle in a relationship and doing favours without appreciation. But if you aren’t, then it is necessary to recognize this behavioural pattern in your life and amend it. All in all, stay true to yourself. Do not change who you are, because unimportant people will fall away anyway. Those who are real will stay in your life!

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