Remedies for stretch marks


Even though the biggest task of slimming down is successfully accomplished, there are many women who face the next trouble – stretch marks. It leaves vein like marks that are visible on your arms, thighs, calves, waist and tummy. Sometimes, stretch marks can be visible to the extent of not letting us wear our desired outfits.

Here are some solutions to get rid of stretch marks.

Cosmetic solutions

If your hydration levels are low or if your skin is not moisturized from time-to-time, stretch marks can easily be visible. It is important for you to

drink water and apply body moisturiser every day. You can also use natural creams and opt for body waxes extracted from beehives to increase your skin’s elasticity. By massaging your skin with creams rich in cocoa butter and vitamin E, you are keeping your skin hydrated and this will allow the visibility of stretch marks to reduce.

If you cannot find a lotion with moisturising effect, you can also apply tropical oils, such as, coconut, amla, mustard, castor, olive, lavender, wheat germ, and calendula.

Dietary solutions

If you want to acquire a flawless skin with no stretch marks, it is important that you follow a dietary plan. Do not consume food that is highly saturated. Eat ones that are rich in vitamins, zinc and elastin fibres to keep your skin firm. Fish, cocoa powder, roasted peanuts and dark chocolates are rich in elastin fibres. You can also consume food rich in vitamins A, C and K (green vegetables and citrus fruits). Sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, whole grains, pumpkin seeds, food rich in amino acids (eggs) and milk and dairy products can also help in removing stretch marks from your body.

Other ways

By trying to maintain your weight and reducing direct exposure to the sun, you can reduce the prevalence of stretch marks. Apply the mixture of potato and lemon juice on your stretch marks, It allows skin lightening. You can also use natural salt or sugar scrubs to exfoliate your skin. Apart from these ways, yoga and exercises also help in skin tightening that will eventually make your stretch marks vanish.

Good luck!

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