Right choice of sari for the right body type


The resplendent sari is well known to make women look elegant and beautiful. This is why, nowadays, women choose to wear it even for many non-traditional events. Even though it covers the entire body, it manages to bring out the feminine side gracefully. Sari makes women look slimmer and can be worn in many styles. They are available in many materials as well. But, many women do not know to match the right kind of fabric for their body type. Here are a few tips that will help you know what kind of a sari will suit you best.

Apple-shaped body


Women who have heavy bust and stomach should opt for cotton and silk saris while net saris are a big no-no. If you want to hide your belly fat you can either wear a longer blouse or wrap your sari higher. You can pick contrasting blouses for your sari, as well as wear saris with wide embroidery borders.

Pear-shaped body

Women who have heavy bottoms can pick chiffon and georgette materials in saris. Avoid draping your sari with a mermaid cut as it can make your bottoms look bigger. Women with pear-shaped body can sport bold and bright colours. You can also experiment on different blouse patterns.

Petite body

Petite women can pick light fabric saris. It is important to avoid big prints and borders in your sari. If you are opting for printed saris, choose ones with small or medium sized prints.

Hourglass figure


Women with an hourglass figure can wear chiffon, georgette and net fabrics in sari. You can sport a skimpy blouse to flaunt your curvy waist. Dark colours and embroidered saris suit well.


If you are plump, it is advisable to avoid cotton and stiff materials in sari as these materials will make you look broader and bigger. Handloom saris, chiffon and silk saris suit best for overweight women. Choose dark and solid colours with small prints to make you look slimmer. Opting for full sleeve blouse will help you hide your chicken wing arms.

Now that we have given you an idea of what to wear and what not to, wear the best suited sari and flaunt your finest features.




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