Routine Checklist For Your Next Road Trip!


A new trend amongst people living in fast paced cities is to go on a nice road trip getaway with friends every other weekend. It’s one of the best ways to unwind and take a break from the chaos of city life. People often make trips to locations just on the outskirts of their city, so as to keep the ride short and fun so that they can return home the same day.

As I live in Mumbai, I often go to places that are not more than 200kms away. Daman, Lonavala, Kolad, Alibaug, Vasai fort, etc. are a few locations I frequently head to.

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Although road trips are a lot of fun and get you into the whole ‘carefree vibe’, I’ve learnt through experience that it is always best to go well prepared. Here’s a checklist you should consider before planning any road trip, regardless of how long or short it may be.

Stock up on medical supplies

Carry a first aid kit with you on your road trip

Carry a first aid kit with you on your road trip

The first thing I ensure I have on any road trip is a fully equipped first aid kit. I learnt the hard way just how important carrying one can be. On one of our many trips to Lonavala, a friend met with an accident and injured his knee. A first aid kit could have certainly saved him a lot of pain, but he had to make do with a makeshift bandage we crafted out of the lower half of his jeans… Ouch! Also ensure you carry allergy medicines or inhalers if you suffer from any specific ailment. Finding these on the open roads can prove to be quite a challenge.

Where can I get it?

Medical stores, supermarkets and even some gas stations


Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 depending on its contents

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Plan your route

There’s no point heading towards a location only to realize midway that the road that leads to it is closed or blocked off. It happened to us on several occasions, that certain parts of the highway were blocked off due to work in progress, and taking diversions cost us a lot of time and fuel. Using Google maps proved to be quite helpful in these situations. It even has live updates that warn you about roads under construction (refer to the yellow triangle in the pic here) and can provide a quicker, alternate route.

road trip mad

Download a Google Map application on your phone

TBD Tip: When using Google maps on Android phones, a blue path denotes clear roads, an orange path means you may face slow moving traffic and a red path indicates that there is a traffic jam. Grey paths indicate an alternative route and will also mention the time difference if you decide to take that route.

Where can I get it?

Google Play Store


Free… Free… Free!

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Carry water… Lots of water!

This is probably a given, but it’s often one of the most neglected things people leave out of their backpacks. Always carry water as you never know when you’re going to need it, and the closest store could be miles away. Also, the quality of water sold by roadside vendors can be quite questionable and more often than not, you may end up falling ill as these bottles are fakes that are refilled locally. A good rule of thumb is to load your back pack with at least 2 litres of good drinking water. If you have no other option but to buy water, go for some reputed brand, as they have tamper-proof locks and there are lesser chances of getting fakes.

Where can I get it?

Home, medical stores, general stores, or supermarkets


Free from home, starts at Rs. 20 per litre anywhere else.

Tyre repair kits can save you a lot of grief

road trip,

A compact tyre repair kit is really handy on a road trip

Aside from carrying my bike’s primary repair kit, I recently realised the importance of packing a tubeless tyre puncture kit accompanied with an electric air pump on any road trip. This little kit saved me a lot of pushing on a trip to Daman, as there was no tyre repair shop in sight. If your vehicle isn’t equipped with a car charger slot, you can always opt in for the slower, yet reliable foot pump. The tubeless tyre repair kit consists of a few strips of rubber, an insertion tool, pliers to pull out shrapnel from the tyre and a small blade to cut off excess rubber material after patching up. You can easily learn how to fix a puncture by watching DIY videos on YouTube. Always purchase a good quality pump as there are many cheap imitations in the market. The best electric ones cost approximately Rs. 1200 and come with a metal body.

Where can I get it?

EBay, local tyre repair shops and mechanics


Rs. 250 for the puncture kit and anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200 for the pump depending on the type and make.

Power banks are very helpful

power bank, on road trip

A fully charged power bank will ensure your phone does not run out of battery

Ask any smart phone user, what is the one thing they would like to improve about their phones, and the most common answer would be its battery life. Modern smart phones are designed sleek and keep performance in mind, so it’s no wonder they barely get you through a day before they need charging. It is for this reason, and the fact that I rely on Google maps a lot, that I always carry a power bank on all my escapades. They also come in handy if you need to charge any other device that draws power from a regular USB slot. Along with my phone I often charge my Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, tablet and Go Pro camera. Many power banks come with multiple USB slots, a ‘remaining charge’ indicator and even a built-in flashlight that’s very helpful during those late night camping sessions.

Where can I get it?

Flipkart, Amazon, EBay and local electronic stores


Smaller ones start as low as Rs. 250 and higher capacity ones can cost Rs. 1500 and above.

Conclusion: The next time you spontaneously decide to make a road trip with your pals, do consider ticking off the above checklist. These pointers will ensure you have many safe and hassle free trips. So, what are you waiting for? Get packing and happy travels!

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