Rules For A Trustworthy Relationship


Trust is the foundation upon which a relationship is built. If this foundation is shaky, then your relationship can come crashing down with a flick of a finger. You must trust your partner if you want him or her to trust you; it’s a two-way road, you see! Here we look at the rules that can strengthen your foundation of trust to facilitate a healthy relationship.

Never lie

Lies can destabilise any relationship

Lies can destabilise any relationship

Most people believe white lies help in a relationship. Well, we’re here to quash that myth. If your white lies are ever found out, this can affect a steady foundation. Keep lies out of a trustworthy relationship and you will see it bloom like a flower.

Fulfill promises

If you make a promise to him/her, make sure you do all you can to fulfill it. Doing this will make your partner realize how much you value him/her and you will earn their trust. Trust your partner and in turn, be loyal to them. Only when two people commit to each other physically and emotionally that a relationship tends to last for a longer duration. Fulfill all the promises you have made to the one you love.

Don’t test your partner

Trust has to be earned overtime. If you are impatient and want to test him early, well, it’s going to be a disaster.  Grow up, and be sensible in your relationship. Manipulations or playing games are the direct keys of break-up. So never go for it!

Don’t expect trust until you trust

Don’t ask your partner to trust you if you don’t trust them. Expect less and be less disappointed. Trust will grow with time, and the more space you give it to grow, the better will it be. Do not rush it with your expectations.

Do not repeat mistakes

Committing a mistake is fine, but what is difficult is learning from it and avoiding repeating the mistake. You should always learn from your mistakes and past relationships, and never repeat the same, especially in your current relationship. Only ensuring the same would make your relationship last long.

Trusting him will make him trust you

Trusting him will make him trust you

Build your foundation strong and your relationship will go a long way.


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