Sacrifices Children Make That Most Parents Never Notice


We all have heard tales of how parents across the world have made sacrifices for their children. It isn’t for nothing that they are revered as Godsent angels. But as much as the world goes gaga over their contribution in every child’s life, it is important to remember that the children have played an important role in making the whole thing a success. Sadly, very few parents keep the sacrifices children make in mind. And, we are here to highlight the other side of the story. Drill them in while you can.

The Career


Children sacrifice their field of choice to pursue a field of their parents liking

Growing up in a country like India, where expectations are aplenty right from the day you are born, it can be easy to get stifled. With a set world order, our parents expect us to be an engineer, doctor or a chartered accountant. While it’s a good thing expecting your children to succeed, the stakes can be tremendously high. Rising up to these stakes and delivering isn’t an easy task. Most, if not all, do succeed in it, leaving behind your ambitions of being the next big musician, footballer or a writer.

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Once the career is on track, there is a general expectation from you to score big on the position/designation front. Better designation brings in more money, more luxury, an aspect parents wish their children get. Their incomplete dream, their long lost wish can spur you to leave your goals behind and do everything in your power to fulfil your parents’ desire. In this hot pursuit of money, parents start feeling the emptiness of it all, while you slog it out for hours going after what they yearn for.

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Personal life

When all is said and done, there comes a time when you think of settling down with a partner of your choice. All parents wish their kids a happy life and do their best to find a suitable companion. Trouble brews when quite often parents undermine your choice or force you to marry someone chosen by them. Although you may not agree with the idea first, sacrificing their wishes is foremost on your mind, just to keep your parents happy.

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Raising parents

Taking care of parents

Children go out of their way to care for their parents

Surprising as it may seem, but once old age hits, parents need as much care as a little child would. And, it is in these testing times that you pull out all stops to care for them. Although it is your duty to, not all parents are the same and some do put that extra effort to make things difficult intentionally or unintentionally. What they don’t understand is, an old child is more difficult to handle than a young one. Nevertheless, you do toil to treat them in the best way possible.

Parents and children are two sides of the same coin and one can’t be complete without the other. A balanced approach and respect for each other’s contribution goes a long way in making the bond all the more worthwhile. And both parties would do well to remember that.

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