School rules to apply at your workplace


School may be remembered for all the fun we had, but school life had a lot of discipline about it. The first few lessons of discipline are taught to us at home; however, the level of discipline we learnt at school, how much ever we may disagree, has shaped our professional careers. But today, we lack that level of discipline in our work life. Let us look at some rules that we used to follow at school which we can implement in our work life which can make us more productive:

Let what you learned at school stay with you

Let what you learned at school stay with you


Back then, the practice of maintaining and following a timetable was customary. We never forgot what books to carry and what work to finish for the lecture the next day. While doing all this, we also glanced through the timetable and mentally prepared ourselves for the next day. Have we actually done that in our work life? It is necessary to plan your day out if you haven’t been doing that. Juvenile as it sounds, a timetable is a great way to do it. It may be tough to schedule initially, but as you get into the habit, it becomes easier.


Let your boss be your mentor

Let your boss be your mentor

School life always involved a teacher or sir who guided you through difficult phases in your studies. We tend to forget or rather overlook how that has helped us. Your boss can be approached in the same way. Let your boss be your mentor and do not refrain from taking guidance from him/her when it is relevant.


Remember how your uniform had to be well presented? Dressing well was an important aspect of school life and students had to follow a strict regimen like polishing shoes, wearing a tie, tying your hair neatly. Remember that this will help you in your work life as well. Dress like you are an ambassador for the company. Don’t be shabby. Remember that you carry the company’s image just like you did carry the school’s image.


Back in school, marks motivated us to no end. Let that motivation to do well stick with you in your work life as well. Use money, appreciation and promotion as motivational factors to boost your performance.


Remember how you couldn’t afford to be late to school? Just so that you weren’t late you made arrangements and plans the previous day. Where has that organisation and integrity slipped away? Make sure you aren’t even ten minutes late and you will realise that respecting your work timings will make others respect you.

School will always be a training ground for your future. Do not let the basics you learnt at school slip away soon after. Stick to it and you will see major improvements in your work output.

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