Self-Control – An Essential Attribute To Live In The Society


You must’ve heard the adage that says: “Man is a social animal.” The only thing that distinguishes us from animals is our ability to think and choose. In order to peacefully co-exist in the “society”, it is important for us to maintain a level of self-restraint to help us better our interaction with others. After all, without self-control and harmony, there would be no difference between a man and a beast, would there?

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Keeping our cool in challenging situations is the key to self-control

Keeping our cool in challenging situations is the key to self-control (GIF Source:

The congenial nature of our societal framework makes it imperative for us to evaluate our behaviour whist interacting with our compatriots. No two people are the same. I may be different in personality and character from you; likewise, you may be different from your best friend. I’m serious! Even though you feel that your friend “completely understands” you, here’s a spoiler – they aren’t! They are in a million ways different from you. And it is for this very reason that friction in personalities is inevitable.

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Let me ask you something… How would you react if I tried to harm you in any way? Rather, how would you react if what you said or did, backfired at you in a negative way? I’m sure you’d agree that both situations call for an outburst, transforming you into the crude un-evolved Neanderthal. If you tend to behave/react this way often, take a look in the mirror, maybe human evolution missed you out!

"The best fighter is never angry." - Philosopher Lao Tzu

“The best fighter is never angry.” – Philosopher Lao Tzu

As a dignified individual residing in a society, practising self restraint is extremely important. But it is not something you learn after growing up. Self-control or self-restraint needs to be inculcated right since toddlerhood. For instance: You may offer your child a chocolate and ask them if they want one chocolate now, or two chocolates later. This way if the child waits a while to get two chocolates, they are really learning self-control. This will also make them more mature as adults. After all, maturity doesn’t come with age; it comes with self-development which in turn teaches us restraint. Think of it as a game of tennis where the ball goes back and forth. As we restrain ourselves, we become better, more mature citizens, and the more mature we are, the higher the level of self restraint we practise.

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I could go on and on but you get the point. The importance of exercising self-control cannot be stressed enough. It increases self esteem as you need a lot of grit and determination for it – the lack of which is akin to be spineless. To all those people who cannot restrain themselves in trying situations, I have one thing to say: Be a man, dude; not a beast.

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