Sex Secrets We Wish Every Man Would Know


Women are worst at keeping secrets not only to others but to themselves also. But when it comes to their sexual desires, things which should be disclosed to your partner then also many remain tight-lipped. Learn today, the ones who make such cravings loud and clear to their men, earn brownie points. They get to ‘fly’ every flight of their imagination and dreams! It’s time that everyone reading this should shun the shyness, and voice out your sex secrets that you hide all the time in your bosoms. Here are five sex secrets we wish men should know. Sex should not be serious but naughty Secretly every girl wants to savour a mischievous time with her man. We really want them to let their imagination go places running riot and do ‘it’ in an extremely playful manner with joy and satisfaction. Men need to get a bit naughty in bed and not consider sex to be a serious activity and do it the same way. Unless they do it happily they won’t believe what it will lead to – an out-of-this-world experience! The thrilling ambience will bring us closer as well it will ensure those intimate moments are more pleasurable. Make love, make it light! Cuddle me every time post sex Most men fall asleep right after having an orgasm during an intercourse. They refuse to be disturbed then. Fatigue hits women gradually later tossing us into deep slumber. Meanwhile, all we pine and ask for is a little attention from our partners. After sex we crave and expect caring kisses and warm cuddles. Intimate talks including giggles and laughter act like an add on. We do not want to disturb our sleeping men a few kisses and curling into each other, is just feasible, isn’t it? Bear hugs are the best gestures in love There is no doubt, in believing that love making is an integral part and is essential in every relationship. But to make the bond stronger, many more gestures are required which make the relationship grow stronger and fonder! The joy of touching each other – but with a twist and in unique ways! Warm bear hugs, charming cuddles, and holding hands with a firm yet caring grip, passionate yet sweet kissing – all of these are our fantasies. It is just heavenly to have the privilege of a relaxing back massage just before falling asleep in our man’s arms. All in all, non-sexual touching too can spice things up in a relationship.

Warm non-sexual cuddling is desired by every woman

Warm non-sexual cuddling is desired by every woman

Getting cosy out of bed too! Men must understand that we can’t get to love-making effortlessly at night and cut ourselves off completely from the activities happened during the day. For a satisfactory sex session, we need to be in good mood all day. That leads to a great time under the sheets as well. If guys want to delight in an exhilarating time together, it’s a must to keep away from insensitivity, ruthless and impolite language, spiteful behaviour, unwanted condemnation for us and passing remarks on us.  Spontaneity and compliments for happy intercourse Sex should not be pre-planned every time it happens. It’s not something that needs to be scheduled or discussed over before indulging. It should be a spontaneous and a reflex act. Believe it or not, spur-of-the-moment sex romps become really passionate at times. Now getting into that mood is really essential. Guys need to woo us in a way that we feel forced to ‘surrender’, we are thoroughly seduced and happily so! Men just need to make us feel important and wanted at all times. They must often tell us how much they love us, they should pamper us getting our favourite things. Mere gestures of care will make us feel more attached to them. Guys should keep on praising their better halves to make her feel love is around all the time and there is someone in this world who notices her with love struck eyes.

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