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Even in terms of fashion, this year is all about nature and its origin. We recently covered a “what’s hot and what’s not” in fashion 2014 and now we take a look at this year’s hottest nail trends. Nature is perfect to draw inspiration from. It’s raw, it’s bold, and it’s awfully cold yet amazingly hot at the same time! And it seems like our nail lacquers have taken a clue from the austerity of the rustic world around us. Let us walk you through this pastoral trend that has shaken up the fashion world from within…

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The bolder the better:

Bold Fuschia shades

Bold Fuschia shades

Bold nail colours have always been a favourite of ours, and this year the hottest trend on the ramps and the high streets is the bold fuchsia nails. Thank you sweet mother of Cherry! A gorgeous cherry fuchsia manicure is all we needed, Amen to that.

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Melony dreams:

Melony shades

Melony shades are quite popular this year

Beauty brands are also tripping over melony shades this year. Orange is the colour of the season. Autumnal shades paired with gold can bring any boring outfit to life. Subtle is just an understatement, the ‘almost nothing’ colours are a huge rage on the ramp this year.

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Naked shine:

Shimmery shades

Shimmer never looked sexier. The newest glamour statement was made when a popular brand launched the nude hues with a touch of high shine shimmer to it. Wear your nude-shimmery nails with bold lipstick and matching shoes, Voila! You’re no less than Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) of the Basic Instinct fame.

Spice me up:

Spicy shades

Spicy shades

This newest trend immensely delights us as it’s all about sultry spices. Earthy colours of various spices look mouth-watering on the nails! The best part is they suit all skin tones and can be worn on all things.

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The ocean calls out:

Ocean colours

Ocean colours

Imagine the freshness and the crispness of the ocean at the tips of your fingers… Doesn’t it make you feel like the little mermaid instantly? Well, go ahead and try the ocean inspired nail polishes in every hue of blue.

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