Sharing intimate pictures with lover – how safe is it?


Sexting is becoming a very accepted concept these days, especially in long distance relationships. The physical aspect of a relationship is missing; and so, couples try to make up for it with sexual conversation over the phone or through messages. These are then accompanied by personal and intimate pictures.

A recent survey proved that women have outranked men in sending racy photos and intimate messages. They even email such photos more than men do and also record sexual video content for their partners. The reason behind this is that men need to see intimate photos of their women to feel aroused, while women do not. What’s more, women do not mind giving in to their partner’s sexual requests believing that it is the only way long distance couples can keep their sexual relationship alive and exciting.


Sexting might be arousing momentarily but people do not realize the future consequences of it. What if somebody else happens to come across the titillating pictures? Or what if tomorrow you both break up? That’s right! One often forgets that relationships can end and some breakups can be rather ugly. In such situations, if you ask your partner to delete these images or videos, they might not. The scorned ones might just use this to avenge the breakup. So, when you indulge in this kind of activities, especially ladies, make sure that you delete these messages yourself or make your partner delete them immediately after. And the ones, who are planning on using these messages or images against their partners, remember that they trusted you when they sent you these and that no good can be achieved from doing this.

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