Shortcuts To Weight Loss – Are They Really Easy?


So you’ve tried almost all the fad diets, exercised your gut out at the gym, ran around the joggers’ park everyday for the past 10 years of your life; all but in vain? Yeah I know, been there done that. Let’s just admit it, losing weight is never easy! So what do you do when you’ve tried everything under the sun and still haven’t managed to lose weight? The shortcuts! Weight loss centers, medi-weight-loss clinics, surgery, liposuction, all these familiar names are nothing but shortcuts to weight loss.  Aren’t those advertisements tempting? The ones that show slim guys and girls wearing four sizes bigger jeans and claiming that they lost of all the weight in two or three months with the help of this particular thing (we shall call it “shortcuts” for the sake of anonymity).

Weight loss clinics - are they safe?

Weight loss clinics – are they safe?

But do these shortcuts really guarantee you long-term weight loss? What really happens at a weight loss centre? Here are your answers:

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Once you decide to take the shortcut to weight loss, and you approach the said weight loss expert this is what happens: you’re asked about your lifestyle, about previous and current health concerns, your weight is measured, your diet chart is formed with the help of a nutrition expert and you are given a particular exercise regimen to follow. Sometimes you’re also given certain pills and medications to help in the weight-loss. This physician-supervised weight-loss program gradually helps you lose weight slowly and steadily.

Tempting ads of before after are sometimes misleading

Tempting ads of before after are sometimes misleading

Well, that’s a good start, isn’t it? So what’s next? After a few months of strenuous monitored weight-loss program, you will be given a particular diet chart and a prescribed workout plan that you must strictly follow if you want to stay fit and not go back to square one. That’s right, conditions apply!

Be it any kind of shortcut, surgery, lipo, weight-loss centre, or anything else that claims to guarantee you weight-loss, there will always be a golden rule for everybody: the secret to weight loss is to make permanent lifestyle change. So unless you’re game for a permanent change, you can’t get a permanent weight loss.

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Also, the changed metabolism, diet pattern and medications may have a nasty side-effect on your health. Changed appetite, cardiovascular concerns and blood pressure fluctuations are some of the illnesses that may result due to a weight-loss program gone wrong.

Think through all your concerns and then decide if you want to seek help from a weight loss clinic

Think through all your concerns and then decide if you want to seek help from a weight loss clinic

Finally, my only advice to all our readers who are looking for shortcuts to losing weight is that when you decide to go in for a treatment, write down all your concerns and get them addressed by the professionals. If, at any point of time, you feel that an important concern is being neglected then you can choose not to follow the regimen.

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