Should you really go under the knife?


Necessity is the mother of invention. The need to look beautiful invented cosmetic surgeries and other highly risky scientific options across the globe. Solutions offered by scientific world have its own pros and cons, but initially, no one knew that these options also had other deadly side effects. People who are unhappy with their normal and healthy body parts approach cosmetic surgeons for ‘medical miracles’ to happen. Some of the common cosmetic surgeries are liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift, breast reconstruction, cheek augmentation, etc. Even if four in ten have successfully had their implantations, the rest of them have faced failure and suffered severe consequences.

The question here is if you should really go under the knife. To go through all the pain and risk the after-effects surely needs a lot of guts and confidence. Do you have it?

Women who undergo breast augmentations may have greater risks of dying from breast cancer because implants hide the tumour growing inside, making it hard to be detected even through X-ray screening. Sometimes, even if the tumour is detected, it is too late to be diagnosed. Studies say that women with breast implants have 38 percent greater risk of death than women without them. So, who cares whether your bra size is B or C? All that matters to women is if men like silicone breasts; and according to studies, the answer is no. Majority of men across the globe prefer natural breasts over silicone implants claiming that the latter doesn’t give them enough pleasure.

Before and after going through breast implant surgery

Before and after going through a breast implant surgery

Even in Bollywood, many celebrities have gone through surgeries like facelift and rhinoplasty for career reasons. But, many of them have faced a downfall during their attempt to get perfect nose and lips. At the end of it all, they ended up doing many corrective surgeries to rectify the flaws. Firstly, going through several surgeries is additional pressure to the skin which is not good; and secondly, attempting multiple follow up surgeries can cause side effects like swelling of the skin.

Many celebrities have undergone rhinoplasty

Many celebrities have undergone rhinoplasty

How much information do we have about how cosmetic surgeries are performed? Do you know how celebrities never age even post 60? Well, all the credit goes to cosmetic surgeries. To avoid ageing, the skin is tightened. In this way, wrinkles that make a person look older can be avoided. To tighten facial skin, the layer of your skin on the cheek is carefully sliced open with various surgical knifes. After this, the skin is pulled and stretched to reach behind the ears after which it is stitched. After the surgery, one can never grin from ear to ear because it will be tough to articulate facial expressions. The skin is stretched and tightened, thus disabling the person to express a broad smile like normal people can.

You must know that in spite of all the success stories, one undeniable truth is that being plastic is never real beauty. And remember, you might have to pay heavily if something goes wrong.

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