Side Effects Of Tea Addiction You Should Be Aware Of


Don’t we all secretly thank the Chinese Emperor who accidentally discovered tea while boiling water? The daily morning cup of tea has almost become a necessity for most of us. But there are many people who tend to consume six to eight cups of tea on a daily basis. But does anyone even know how harmful tea addiction can be for our health? If you’re wondering, here’s your answer…

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Your morning cup of tea can be harmful for you in the long run

Your morning cup of tea can be harmful for you in the long run

  • Rutgers University scientists have found out that in the long run tea can cause chromosome damage.
  • Tea contains phytochemicals which are harmful for our body and overall health.
  • Tea is a big source of slowing down our digestion which could lead to gas formation, diarrhea and constipation.
  • Drinking tea everyday can also be the cause of kidney disorder. Five cups of tea increases a person’s urine by 400-500%. And over-consumption of tea can also lead to formation of kidney stone.
  • For the women out there, tea can amount to an increase in experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS). One cup of tea a day is enough to give rise to PMS symptoms. Try to avoid taking tea a week before your menses begin.
  • Drinking too much of tea leads to incontinence which makes urgent impulse for frequent urine.
  • Due to the caffeine in tea, the respiratory and cardiac muscles also get stimulated. This leads to coronary artery disease which increases the rate of blood flow.
  • The caffeine present in tea also causes insomnia. However, this is only in the case of tea addicts.
  • As per some studies, tea is also a source of esophageal cancer. Drinking very hot tea can damage the esophagus leading to cancer in the long run.

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So there you go. Too much of anything can be damaging. Bet you, the leading brands that sell tea would never disclose this to their consumers. Ha!

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