Side Effects Of Workaholism – Ignore At Your Own Peril


That workaholics are loaded with work would be an understatement. Such is their dedication (needless at that) to work, it’s a miracle that they even take time out to breathe. But, this tireless tirade on the work front can leave you with a truck load of health and personal issues to solve. So, if you have even the slightest hint that you are on this dreaded path, stop right there! Take a deep breath and focus on the contents of this article. Because, hey, we’d like to help.

Your career goes down the drain

career troubles

Too much work can jeopardize your career.

While workaholics may be able to garner rave reviews from their bosses during initial days of their tenure, this maniacal work ethic isn’t going to stay forever. There will come a time when you’d end up out of gas. Slowly but surely the mistakes will follow. End result, less productivity and poor performance review. Now, we don’t need to tell you where you’d land up with those two by your side.

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Obesity becomes a friend


Obesity comes calling due to workaholism.

One of the other side effects of workaholism is that obesity becomes a close friend of yours. People driven by work, are so engaged that they tend to eat their food at their desk. Apart from dirtying your desk, it gives you a family pack to contend with as a recent UK study proved. So, get up and grab a meal with your colleagues, talk, and refresh your mind. You may never know how networking might improve your future prospects.

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Relationships go for a toss

Get this, if you end up spending more time with your PC/laptop chances are, you are going to get dumped or divorced. Workaholism is a proven problem much like substance abuse, and it is best that it’s nipped in the bud when the time is right. Moreover, an imbalanced approach to life and work can create irreversible differences between you and the people you love. A study conducted has also found that kids of workaholics tend to have anxiety disorders.

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Premature death possible

heart attack

workaholics face the possibility of a heart attack

Extended work hours are terrible for health that is a well-known fact by now. But, little do people realize that it can be an invitation to an early grave. Apart from the laundry list of disorders that it brings, it can seriously jeopardize your lifespan. The recent example of Sarvshreshth Gupta, an Indian American banker at Goldman Sachs who committed suicide due to stress of excess work over a long period of time, is one to take note of. While it’s easy to brush away such instances as one off, it’ll be foolish to ignore the underlying message.

Now, that you have a pretty good idea of the side effects that workaholics have to deal with. You’d be well advised to steer clear of that path and help others do the same.

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