Signs of a heart attack


By 2020, it is believed that heart disease will be the leading cause of deaths in the world. More people die of heart disease than of cancers and AIDS combined. Quite surprising, isn’t it, considering how much cancer is glorified as being one of the deadliest diseases. A heart attack is a serious and scary condition and must be tackled upon recognizing symptoms. So the next time you or a loved one comes across such signs, be sure to keep yourself proactive and alert, and do not underestimate the chances of a heart attack.

Chest pain is a symptom of heart attack

Chest pain is a symptom of heart attack

Chest discomfort

Pain in the chest is a classic symptom of a heart attack. However, since chest-pains can mean a whole number of other problems, most people ignore this symptom. This is the biggest and sadly the most overlooked symptom of a heart attack. Scientists and doctors have proved that left arm discomfort is another symptom to go along with chest pain.


Heart attack symptoms can include light-headedness and loss of consciousness. This involves slowing down or fastening up of the heartbeat rhythm to abnormal levels.

Severe fatigue

Unusual fatigue can occur during a heart attack as well as in the days and weeks leading up to one. This is more common among women than men, but is a sure shot symptom if one has a history of heart disease.

Shortness of breath

Though some people may suffer from breathlessness due to other reasons, it is also a symptom of heart failure.


Heart failure can cause fluid to accumulate in the body. This can cause swelling in the feet, ankles, legs, or abdomen. This can also cause sudden weight gain and sometimes a loss of appetite.


Sweating is another symptom of heart failure

Sweating is another symptom of heart failure

Sometimes, breaking into a cold sweat for no recognisable reason can be a symptom of a heart attack.

Keep in mind these symptoms if you or a family member has a history of heart problems.

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