Signs That Show Your Guy Is Serious About You


In our society, women have always been labeled as the more complex partner. Often, references are made about how difficult it is to understand what’s on a woman’s mind. While this may be true when it comes to deciding on what she wants on her birthday, or whether she really is alright with you going out to get drunk with male friends, the truth is that most women are open about their relationship and its future. Unlink men, we are always open to discussions and like to talk about our feelings. Sadly, most men are not as transparent about their feelings however serious and genuine they may be. They usually stick to dropping subtle signs, and at times, a girl who didn’t read the signs well is left confused about her man’s true feelings. Thankfully, there are ways to decipher and decode your man’s behaviour to gauge if he’s really serious about you.

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A genuine boyfriend is hard to find. Here are signs to gauge if you have one

A genuine boyfriend is hard to find. Here are signs to gauge if you have one

1. If he wants to know everything about you:

Any guy would want to know your current favourites and interests. But if he is really into you, he’ll want to know everything. He’ll ask you almost everything right from your childhood days, to your school, college and career and also everything about your family. He will genuinely be interested in knowing your goals and aspirations and will he’ll probably even help you figure out how to meet them. Not to forget the smaller details! If your guy is really serious about you he’ll ask you questions that other guys would find stupid for instance, “Did you sleep well last night?” or “Have you had a good lunch?” Sweet, isn’t it?

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2: He calls you multiple times:

Every boyfriend calls once or twice a day, maybe they text regularly too, But if your boyfriend is really serious about you, he’ll call you multiple times. And sometimes for no reason at all! Even if he just met you at the coffee shop, he’ll call you to ask if you reached home safely or just to say how beautiful you looked that evening. The typical new and exciting feeling that both of you experienced in the beginning, will never die out if he’s genuinely into you.

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If you guy genuinely loves you, he'll call on you multiple times in a day

If you guy genuinely loves you, he’ll call you up for no particular reason as such!

3: He doesn’t play mind games with you:

If he says he’ll come to see you in the evening, he does. If he makes plans for the weekend, he sticks to it. He doesn’t ever put his mates over you. A guy who is serious about his relationship, will never play mind games with his girl. He won’t ever torment you by saying one thing and doing its opposite, and behaving cool about it later.

4: He is always on time for your dates:

If a guy promises to see you at 12 and comes at 2 instead, he’s definitely not that into you. On the contrary, if your guy is always punctual and isn’t distracted by other things, then he is surely genuine about you. Most girls complain that their boyfriends make them wait for several hours or don’t pick their phone calls. If you aren’t in this position, you’ve got a winner!

If you boyfriend is serious about you, he won't make you wait

If your boyfriend is serious about you, he won’t make you wait

5: He patiently listens to you:

A guy who is serious about his relationship will never make his girl feel like she is talking to herself. He will patiently listen to you whether you bitch about your manager or how bad your day was. He will be equally interested in knowing how your pet cat is doing and how fast she is growing.

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6: He introduces you to his friend circle:

If your guy is serious about you and want to be with you exclusively, he will make sure all his friends whether guys or girls, know about you. And he will expect you to do the same. This is not only because he doesn’t want any random guy hitting on you but also because he wants to drop a hint to you that he truly wants to be yours forever.

7: He’s honest:

If you know your guy’s daily routine then you have all the reasons to be happy. Unlink some girls if you don’t ever have to worry about where he is and why isn’t he picking your calls because you know he’s probably in a meeting or at the gym, then he’s your Mr. Right for sure! He tells you how his day went and what he did, not because you’re the controlling type but because he wants you to be in the loop.

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8: He asks for your opinion on important things:

Whether he wants you to accompany him for shopping because he trusts your choice, or he wants your opinion on an important decision he needs to make. If he values your inputs to a great extent he is definitely for keeps.

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