Signs that you have married Mr. Right


One perpetual question you keep asking yourself before you tie the knot is, ‘Is he the one for me’? Is he the guy you want to see each morning? But now you have made the decision. Let’s find out if you have married Mr. Right!


Here are a few signs that indicate he was the right one for you and your decision was appropriate:

He’s the best roommate you ever had

Have you ever had a rough experience with your roommate or probably even a sibling that you couldn’t share living space with? Your hubby seems to be just the opposite, you can’t wait to get home each evening to see his face and spend time with him. You love sharing space with him, although you may have some disagreements.

He cares for your parents as much as his

He loves visiting your parents. He checks on their health on a regular basis and doesn’t mind taking them out for dinner once in a while. He tries his best to bring his parents and yours together as much as he can.

He loves your company even on weekends

There are some partners who’d rather spend weekends with friends than you. But Mr. Right can’t wait to spend a weekend with you, rather than his friends!

He’s your companion as well as your hubby  

After a rough day at work, you can go home and share all your concerns without having a worry about calling your other friends! He is enough for you!

He handles your temper really well

Women can be moody at times. Only Mr. Right, who loves you unconditionally, knows how to handle you when you get angry. He knows what to say and what not to say to calm you down. This may take time, but if he is Mr. Right he will be able to do this soon enough.


If your hubby is anything like this then it is certain that he is Mr. Right and you know this in your heart! In the end it’s a click in your heart that you will feel when you are with him. You just feel secure and happy! Mr. Right just knows you and how to please you!


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