Signs That You’ve Got The Wrong Job


Do you feel agitated and irritated at the end of each day? Are you waiting to get done with your work so that you can chill with friends in the evening? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

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If you aren’t enjoying your work, then you’ve got the wrong job. Putting up with frustration may just lead you to believe that all jobs are lifeless and boring. But the truth is, the job that isn’t right for you will never make you happy, no matter how much you try.

Cant stand your co-workers?

Can’t stand your co-workers?

Recognising what kind of job is perfect for you can be difficult at times. You want to know why? Because we never take the effort to search out the right job for us!

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So, here are clear cut signs that you’re in the wrong place, and the job isn’t quite ‘working’ for you!

Everything is a struggle

Do you struggle to do every little job assigned to you? This could point out to your incompetence in the field of your job. It sometimes isn’t that clear as all jobs may seem difficult at first, but even if you find things difficult after months of working, then there’s surely something wrong!

Consistent poor response

All your seniors and managers respond poorly to your completed tasks. If your work life is filled with negative responses to your work, then it’s time to realise that your job isn’t exactly fit for you.

Just for the money?

Doing a job for the money may help you temporarily, but money will run out! You should not get stuck in a job because it pays well even though you know you don’t enjoy it; it can frustrate you!

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Ashamed of your job

You can’t exactly tell people what job you are doing because you are ashamed. Well, nothing’s clearer than this! It’s time to move on.

Workload overwhelms you

Sometimes your workload overwhelms you at the wrong workplace

Sometimes your workload overwhelms you at the wrong workplace

If your workload is so much that it gets you drained to the limit, it means that your job is sucking out your social life as well!

No growth opportunity

Do you see yourself in the same place three years from now? Do you find that there is very little or no scope for any growth in the chain of command?

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Yes, office politics are a part of almost every office nowadays, but when your co-workers are so irksome that you cannot stand them and their gossip, it probably means you don’t fit there.

You don't want this to happen, so leave before it does!

You don’t want this to happen, so leave before it does!

Ultimately the decision is yours! There’s no one who can make a decision for you except yourself. Unless, of course, you get fired! Well, let’s stay away from the idea of that :P . Weigh out whether you feel that a job jump is the right thing at this point in your career and take the leap!

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