Signs to know if he is overprotective or dominating


Is your lover’s affection for you turning him into a dominating and over-protective lover? An over-protective boyfriend may care for you more than you think. He may be thinking of your interests ahead of his. But at times, this can get a little exasperating. There is a thin line between being over-protective and caring and being over-protective and dominating. There are times when he doesn’t realise this himself. It’s your job to let him know! Here are a few signs to show that he has crossed the line and needs to slow down:


He’s over curious

Do you find him eavesdropping your telephonic conversations and running through your text messages more often than you expect? Sometimes he may even go through your call logs and ask you why you’ve called a certain friend so much.

He feels every other guy likes you

You may find him pointing out to situations where you have interacted with another man and he felt they had feelings for you. He constantly tells you of guys who may have a crush on you even if they don’t.

He wants to be a part of every single thing you do

There are certain things you want your privacy in. When someone seems to meddle into this private space nobody would like it, so why would you? He seems to be happy only when your life revolves around his.

He’s always jealous

How much ever you may prove your love for him it is never enough. Any interaction with the opposite sex will make him feel insecure and jealous. He’s jealous of your success without him and keeps telling you how your love for him should match his love for you.

He blames you

He ends up blaming you for every time a guy has shown interest in you. He never weighs out reason appropriately because he is blinded by insecurity.


If you recognise these signs in your lover’s behaviour, it’s time to let him know that he needs to think clearer. Let him know he needs to understand certain aspects of your relationship with him. Explain things out to him and let him know that your relationship is meant to be based on trust.

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