Silly habits that may hurt your relationship


Most of us possess bad habits that we tend to overlook when we analyze ourselves. But these bad habits can hurt relationships to a great extent. They may be cute at first, but once the rose tinted veil of infatuation is gone, irritation creeps in and this will de-stabilise even the strongest relationship.

Here are some habits that could possibly hamper our love life:

Testing your partner

You may not be sure about your partner's sincerity

You may not be sure about your partner’s sincerity

Sometimes you may make some extravagant requests just to test whether your partner cares for you enough to go the extra mile for you. These tests are cute at first, but they cause annoyance if they don’t cease to exist.

Blaming your partner

Blaming your partner is not always the answer

Blaming your partner is not always the answer

You may blame your partner for certain things that you have a small role in as well. It’s easy to point a finger at your partner but you got to be the bigger person and own up to what you have done as well. At the same time by accepting the blame you may be able to give your partner the emotional support he/she desperately needs at that time.

Unbalanced expectations

Do not have unbalanced expectations

Do not have unbalanced expectations

Do you have big expectations from your partner and expect him/her to have lesser expectations from you just because you are tied up with work or family? Understand that this will hamper your relationship to no limit and you need to balance things out to keep things healthy.


Lies are a strict no-no

Lies are a strict no-no

There are times you may just lie for the fun of it not realising that this may disrupt the trust that forms the foundation of any relationship. Stay away from the habit of lying and see your relationship bloom. Although at times certain lies are needed to maintain harmony in the relationship, abstain from it as far as you can.

These habits may seem unnecessary to overcome but the build up of these habits causes major destruction. Withdraw from such behaviour before it’s too late and re-vitalize your relationship today! A little change can bring in a lot of improvement!

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