Simple Things That Can Make You And Your Loved Ones Happy


Let’s be frank… we all know what’s right and wrong for our wellbeing. But at times, we’re so caught up in social obligations and/or our daily chores and problems that we tend to overlook what’s essential for our happiness. If you think you (or your loved one) falls in this bracket, this write-up will subtly give you a wakeup call and remind you things that you have supposedly forgotten or have given less importance to.

So, here are simple things that can make you and your loved ones happy.

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Work is important, but don’t be a workaholic! Spare some time for yourself, for your family, and also some to spend with your friends. And yes, take vacations… sans your “away-from-office work”!

Learn to cook at least one meal – an appetizer, a salad, and a main course included! You never know when you’d need it! (By the way, I didn’t mean instant cooking here)

Learn to cook

Learn to cook a complete meal. You never know when you’ll need to do so to save your soul

Save some money (minimum 10% of your salary) in another Savings account every month. You can utilize it on a rainy day, to sponsor your family vacation or even a luxury item after a few months!

Read a book, or watch an Edutainment programme on TV. It’s better than wasting time in those stupid TV serials or reality shows, or watching the same song for the Nth time on a music channel.

Smile for the camera! Really! It isn’t that difficult to say cheese, or show your teeth for the lenses. So what if you have a gummy smile, or your pearlies aren’t well-arranged? Smile, dude!

Smile for the camera

Forget all inhibitions, and smile for the camera

Compete strongly. If you happen to lose, don’t grumble. If you win, be gracious.

Take up a hobby – and invest time in it, daily – even if it’s just for 10 minutes!

While driving, go at your own pace. Remember: those driving faster than you aren’t insane; those driving slower than you aren’t fools!

Don't lose your calm while driving!

Don’t lose your calm while driving! Drive at your own pace

Spend at least 10 minutes every day catching up on current events. Don’t read only Local, Sports and Entertainment sections; check out what’s happening in the International and Political arena too.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to cheat, wake up and remind yourself that you’ll feel completely miserable later on. So, avoid cheating.

Take your wife out for dates at least once a month. So what if you’ve been married since the last ‘I don’t remember how many’ years! A movie date, a dinner date, a long drive, anything would do! (Going out with her to the super-market is not counted as a date!) And yes, do I need to remind you – leave your kids, parents and doggy at home – it’s a ‘date’, right?

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Take your mom and dad out for an outing once in a while. They would love to spend some time with you! Talk to them and hear them out.

Recognize when a woman is venting out, and accordingly, shut up. She just wants you to listen to her; she doesn’t want you to solve her problem. If she does, she’ll ask.

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Loosen up a bit. You don’t have to be Hrithik Roshan to dance. Pull your girlfriend/wife in and break into a two-minute jive! It’s fun and romantic too.

Couple dancing - You don't have to be a pro at dancing to break into an impromptu jive with your spouse!

You don’t have to be a pro at dancing to break into an impromptu jive with your spouse!

Be courteous. When someone you’ve just met asks you a cordial question, answer them. Don’t forget to ask them one back courteously, and listen.

If you think what you’re doing is right according to your moral codes, don’t look for approval from someone else. But yes, be honest to yourself while preparing your list of moral codes!

If you know someone has put a lot of efforts into doing something, compliment them.

If you feel like something’s wrong with you physically, go to a doctor. Don’t be lazy or show apathy towards your health. A lot of illnesses can be taken care of, if caught early enough.

Remind yourself that your job doesn’t define you. When you’ll be unwell and ailing, only your family will come to your aid, not your boss and colleagues.

Confidence is everything. Be confident in whatever you do. And if you don’t feel confident enough, fake it; it will happen eventually. But ensure you don’t be cocky; just hold your head high and show poise.

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