Sitting all day can be bad for you!


Sit all day at work, then sit on your way back home, then sit and watch television when you get home, overkill? Posture statistics in the U.S suggest that we sit for nearly 8-10 hours in a day! Desk jobs are so common these days. They pay more, obviously, but can be bad for your health and posture, unless you take the right measures to ensure it doesn’t affect you. Sitting all day can cause you health problems like –

Desk jobs require you to sit for long hours

Desk jobs require you to sit for long hours

Blood flow

When you sit for long hours, your blood flow is sluggish and this will lead to clogged arteries which ultimately affect your heart! Sitting for long also causes high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, eventually.

Muscle degeneration

Your body builds muscle tissue to support your active lifestyle. Your brain tells your body it doesn’t need it when your lifestyle is sedentary. So the muscles that actually support you walking around and doing other things will be lesser or weaker if you sit for long hours of the day.

Back problems

Sitting for long hours can cause back problems

Sitting for long hours can cause back problems

This is one of the most major concerns of many people who have desk jobs. A bad back can stay with you for life because your back muscles degenerate automatically with age. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a good posture and refrain from sitting for long hours at your desk without stretching.

Leg problems

Usually, with a bad posture while sitting, the blood flow to your legs gets stagnated or slowed down. This can cause problems ranging from swollen ankles and varicose veins to dangerous blood clots called deep vein thrombosis.

So what should you do if you have a desk job that requires you to sit long hours?

Take a break and stretch

Take a break and stretch

First thing is, take breaks. Stretch your back muscles and walk around. Make sure you do not sit for more than an hour at a stretch. Let your blood flow be active.

One more thing you can do is exercise. Strengthening the muscles that support your back is of great importance if you sit for too long. Core muscle strengthening is gaining major importance with the advent of desk jobs in the world today.

So the next time you realise that you’ve sat for too long, remember the effects it can have on you, and act upon it before you become a couch upon a couch.


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