Six meals or three meals a day?


Healthy eating and healthy living revolve around a balanced diet. But how many meals in a day is right? Some experts advocate three meals a day while many others stress upon not letting your energy levels run dry and having six smaller meals a day. There is no satisfactory evidence to embrace one over the other idea. Let us look at the advantages of both eating strategies:

 Three meals a day


 Easy to stick to

When searching for an eating strategy make sure it is consistent. Trying different strategies is only going to ruin your metabolism. Having three meals a day is easy to follow since this is the usual eating plan we have been sticking to since childhood.

Allows you to eat bigger meals

When you are used to eating bigger meals, trying the six meals a day is not an option. Having three meals allows you to indulge until your stomach says it is enough, not until your diet dictates you to stop.

Teaches you to control hunger better

Having three meals a day makes you better at controlling your hunger. Usually, people who have more than three meals tend to crave food even though their stomachs may be full.

Six meals a day

Ideal for increasing calorie intake

If you are looking to increase weight then six meals a day is the right option for you as your intake of calories increases. Even if you are an athlete or into heavy labor work and you ideally burn a lot of calories, this is the right diet plan for you.

Helps to avoid drop in energy levels

This diet plan keeps you high on energy throughout the day. You will not feel tired, irritated or lousy as often as with the other diet.

Both these diets have their pros and cons; it’s your choice which one to follow!




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