Skin And Hair Care Tips For Summer


Summers are quite demanding on your skin and hair, and often take a toll on them if they are not well taken care of. All it takes is to multi-task and utilize your time well for your daily dose of beauty. Apply the ubtan while you are watching the daily soap on television, soak your feet in water while you are busy narrating the highlights of your day to your family and dab on the moisturizer while planning your next weekend hangout with your friends over the phone. Yes, ladies, that’s how simple it is!

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Follow these basic steps to get a glow on your skin and hair even during the summers:

Man putting sunscreen on his left shoulder, skin and hair

Sunblock is essential to keep your skin safe from the harsh UV rays of the sun

Sun Block: A good sun block for your skin during the summers is what oxygen is to mankind – you just can’t do without it. Invest in a good one with an SPF above 30 to protect your skin from getting tanned by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Apply a sun block religiously even when you are at home, for best results. To remove a tan, soak a cotton wool in cucumber juice or a mixture of gram flour and lemon regularly and apply on face till dry.

Cleanse: Clean your skin as frequently as possible throughout the day. Use a mild face wash that suits your skin type to rid your face of the oil around the T-zone. It is absolutely necessary to remove the dirt and grime that your face has accumulated throughout the day, before you hit the sack at night. Simply splashing water on your face several times throughout the day benefits the skin by hydrating it.

Woman in bath tub looking over her left shoulder, skin and hair

Regularly exfoliate your skin to combat sweat, excess sebum and sun damage during summer!

Exfoliate: Use a scrub to exfoliate your skin on alternate days to rid it of dead skin that imparts a dull look. Make sure that you use a separate scrub for your face and feet because the skin on your face is far more sensitive than on your feet. Using a harsh one on your face will rip it off the natural essential oil, while a face scrub used on your feet is not sufficient to remove the dead skin.

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Tone and Moisturize: A toner ensures that your skin remains taut and cool as well as keeps the pores closed. Try a natural toner, like rose water, to do wonders for your skin. Use a water-based moisturizer to hydrate and soothe your skin after all the harsh pollution that it has been subjected to the entire day.

A pair of feet next to flowers, towel and pebbles, skin and hair

Your feet are the most neglected part of the body. Hence, you must take special care of them during summer!

Foot Care: Did you know, your feet are often the first thing that people notice about you? Take care of them, keep them squeaky clean and let them do all the talking. During the summers, soak them for a few minutes in plain cold water and then in warm water twice a week for 15 minutes each, to help your feet relax. Add a pinch of salt to the water for better blood circulation.

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Man putting shampoo in his hair, skin and hair

Wash your hair everyday with an ultra mild SLS-free shampoo or a homemade organic shampoo to get rid of sweat during summer

Mild Shampoo: Use a mild shampoo or a home-made remedy, like cornstarch or a mixture of multani mitti, banana, lemon and egg for that natural shine and watch your hair magically bounce.

Apart from all the above remedies, never ignore drinking lots of water and eating fresh juicy fruits to bring a natural glow to your face and provide adequate nutrition to your skin and hair. Enjoy the feeling of pampering yourself, and step out with that inner glow.

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