Small Deeds To Live Happily Ever After


Fights are inevitable in any cherished relationship – be it with your parents, siblings, children and of course, friends. But the most sensitive relation is that of spouses, especially because they carry higher expectations. Follow these key rules and you could have your happily ever after.

Listen, talk, action:

There’s a time to listen, and a time to talk. Listen to each other’s needs and wants. Talk about your differences, and weigh out the pros and cons and make those decisions together. This does not mean there has to be a proper conference over issues, but just little care is what you and your relationship needs. When you’re a couple, and you seek each other for opinions, you show respect to each other, and to come to a happy compromise.

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.” 
J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Give each other space:

In a relationship there are bound to be some things that each of you enjoy doing but not the other. Take some time off to indulge in your own stuff, while he does his things. You husband could love gaming on his Xbox, but you’d rather go out for a walk. So do that. That way you won’t feel resentful when he doesn’t want to do the things you want. Arguing over matters which are of his interest and not yours will take you nowhere but loosen the threads of your bond with him. Therefore, give him his space and enjoy yours because in the end you guys will land up together.

It’s not your job to fix him:

You can’t fix him. You can only help him fix himself. You can’t resolve his work issues or wipe away all of his insecurities. All you can do is be there for him and help him through it. Getting frustrated about your inability to fix your partner will agitate their struggles and strain your relationship. Instead, comfort him and be his pole star. Guidance and care can make him feel better whereas discomposure can ruin everything.

Grand is not always necessary:

Grand gestures are impossible to keep up. Fancy dinners or luxury vacations are wonderful, but love does not have a monetary value. If given the option between a weekly sunset walk or an annual vacation, we’re sure most women would pick the weekly walk. Money does not show love. Gestures show love. So do not fall for the lavish but for the adulation.

Vengeance will get you nowhere:

If your partner hurts you in a relationship, hurting him back on purpose is likely to destroy your relationship. Revenge is not meant for a relationship where blossoms love. If you feel the need to get back at the person you’re with, you shouldn’t be with them.

Couple in love

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