Small Makeup Changes That Make A Big Difference


You must’ve heard this phrase: “It’s the little things that count.” This is definitely true; at least in case of makeup! Little changes to basic kohl and pencil can really make a huge difference to your overall look. This means you don’t need to go for a complete makeover to get a fresh look. Here are a few simple makeup changes you can make to get a revamped appearance.

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Swap kohl for liquid liner

Notice how using a liquid liner makes your eyes appear larger

Notice how using a liquid liner makes your eyes appear larger

If you use a kohl pencil as your daily makeup, swapping it with liquid liner can help. You’ll immediately notice the difference in how the liner defines your eyes and makes it appear larger as compared to the kohl which goes on the waterline and makes your eyes look smaller.

Use mascara:

Adding a touch of mascara can brighten up your eyes make you look fresh and alive.

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Use gloss:

A touch of lip gloss can make your lips look attractive and sexy

If you’re skeptical about trying something on your eyes, plump up your lips with a dash of clear gloss. After you’ve applied your lipstick, just dab a little bit of gloss on the centre of your lips and get the perfect pout.


If you don’t want to go to work with a full face of makeup, just apply some bronzer on the edges of your face and along the cheek bone. It will define your face and make it look made up, without having done anything at all!


A little bit of concealer on those zits and blemishes can give you the impression of having a perfect, flawless complexion! No makeup required.

Go colourful:

Coloured liner looks great on Indian skin

Coloured liner looks great on Indian skin

If you’ve been using the black or brown liner since you came of age, it’s time to make your life a bit more colourful. Try a navy blue or forest green eye pencil that suits Indian skin tones and looks lovely on any occasion!

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Use eye-shadow:

Eye shadow tricks are innumerable. Whatever your eye shape or colour a little bit of shimmery shadow can enhance your eyes to a great extent. But if you’re off to work, you may want to steer clear of shimmery shadow, try a matte eye shadow instead.

Groom your brows:

This is how filled in eyebrows make a difference to your overall look

This is how filled-in eyebrows make a difference to your overall look

Your eyebrows could use a little bit of tweezing and filling-in to get a fresh look. Use an angled brush and an eye-shadow that’s one shade lighter than your natural brow colour. Fill in your brows and define your eyes to make them look more expressive.

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