Smartphone Photography Tips For All You Social Media Junkies


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How many of you all remember the days when there were no phones? All we had were cameras that could click only 36 pictures. Yes, 36, that’s it! Ladies these days click 50 pictures in just a single visit to the washroom! Then came cell phones with those long antennas over them, just when we thought we couldn’t advance any further in technology, came the unbreakable Nokia phones with a never dying battery. We have also seen days with VGA cameras where having a 2megapixel camera was no less than a blessing. We somehow managed to evolve in terms of technology, photography, and otherwise, too. Finally, we were blessed with cell phones that could click as many pictures as you want, of course, if you don’t fill your memory card with 300 different selfies in the same pose. The recent craze of the youth is to be a pro at photography. Well, most of us do not have DSLRs, because our parents are very well aware of how long our hobbies last.

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But, don’t you really want to ace the art of photography without a DSLR? How, you ask? Use your smartphone! You don’t have to spend a bomb on buying a DSLR when you can easily click professional-like pictures on your smartphone.

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While you’re being the selfie king/queen on Instagram and Facebook, charm your friends with your exceptionally great photography skills.  These creative tricks and tips are going to help you click some class-A pictures on your better-half – your phone! Now, nothing about these tricks is special; all you need are some ordinary things for extraordinary photographs!

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So, on World Photography Day, we are celebrating 117 years of photography as we came across these super easy tips by COOPH to click better pictures with your smartphone.

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