South Africa welcomes Ashvin Gidwani Productions and Vir Das’ History of India – VIRitten with open arms


Ashvin Gidwani Productions presented Vir Das’ show ‘History of India – VIRitten’ on the 30th May, 31st May and 1st June 2014 in Johannesburg. The show has been taking the theatre world by storm and has run to packed houses in India and abroad.

AGP were home again at Johannesburg, travelling through Indian History, a place revered because Mahatma Gandhi started his journey from there. This occasion gained an extra special value as Vir Das brought in his birthday by doing what he loves the most- entertaining his fans to the fullest! Prior to performing for the Johannesburg audience, Actor Vir Das also tweeted, “I grew up in Africa, taken me 19 years to see another African sunrise.” The actor, born in India, spent his teenage years & completed his education on African soil was excited to return to it. This indeed turned out to be an extraordinary weekend for the wonderful actor as he paid homage to his childhood memories in his own unique style.

There were a number of eminent faces present at the Theatre to cheer and enjoy the show. The show received a standing ovation with the crowd having a great time coping with all the echoing laughter while watching the completely hilarious antics of the awesome Vir Das as he brought on a humourous twist to the boring History. A popular twitter user Jodene Shaer also tweeted, “Schools should have been like this. I would have passed History! @ thevirdas rocking #HistoryofIndia”. Tweets about the fabulous show were trending across the social networking platform.

The Indian High Commissioner Mr.Virendra Gupta and his wife also graced the event with their presence. As the show started, Ashvin Gidwani, MD & Producer, Ashvin Gidwani Productions (AGP), said he was positive about the show and hoped the audience would enjoy it.

The show was packed to the brim with superbly funny one liners, jokes and repartee with co actor Kavi Shashtri.

Featuring renowned actors Vir Das and Kavi Shashtri, ‘History of India – VIRitten’ promises to take viewers on a journey back in time right from the Harappan civilization and the Vedas to the Mughal Era, ending with the oddities of the present day.

AGP has always strived to provide the best in entertainment for all its audience. The positive response to the show at Johannesburg has cemented this belief, they hope to take their shows all over the world thus continuing to showcase the finest talent there is.


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