Space-saving coffee table ideas for small homes


To buy a sprawling house in a crowded metropolitan city is a huge strike out in many people’s to-do list. But, how about making your small house look big? It is all about being creative and using tactics. For example, you can ditch your old fashioned kitchen racks and get the contemporary modular kitchen with cabinets to store your utensils. In this way, you save some area to make your kitchen look more spacious.

Similarly, here are some coffee table ideas that can help in saving space in your house.

Compact tables


By using a compact low-rise coffee table, you are making more space in the room. You can pair the table with stools or low-rise chairs that suit it.

Nesting tables


These are tables that are similar by looks but vary in size. So, when there is an occasion at home, you can easily nest these tables together at the corner of a room and there you go!

Trunk tables


Trunks are surely old style; but, you can bring its revised version to suit your modern lifestyle. Use trunk tables that can serve as a coffee table and help you to store materials inside it. To give you an idea: you can store old magazines and newspapers inside the table while you sport a flower vase and telephone on top of it.

Foldaway side tables


These tables allow you to use it when needed, and simply fold and tuck it aside when not in use.

Table on wheels


When you have to move your table to either of the rooms in your house, table on wheels makes it easier for you. These tables have wheels attached to its four legs that come in handy while shifting furniture or relocating your house.

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